Bret Hart Updates Cancer Surgery Status, “kind of like the direction” Of Shane McMahon’s Return to WWE

bret hart

Bret Hart spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview. Check out the highlights:

On how he’s doing after his prostate cancer surgery: “There’s no real way of knowing. I have to get checked over the next few years. Prostate cancer is a very touchy kind of thing. It’s a little bit like breast cancer. It’s one of those cancers that if you get it in time you can be a survivor rather than a victim of it. I was one of those guys that got checked kind of regularly. I was smart enough to jump on it when I got checked and my doctors were on top of it in the early stages of it. I had my prostate removed two weeks ago. It’s been a difficult recovery but in saying that I think it’s safe to say, my doctors and I, that the cancer was contained within the prostate. Which has been removed. I should be cancer free hopefully for the rest of my life. It’s just a matter of me slowly recovering and taking my time. I know a lot of fans out there have said a lot of prayers and stuff for me. I appreciate that. Right now it’s in God’s hands where I go from here. There’s a lot of people where the cancer comes back. Once I deal with it a second time it won’t be an easy fight if it comes back. God willing, I think I’ve nipped it in the bud so to speak. I hope that I can have a full recovery. They say it could take anywhere from eight months to two years to recover from prostate cancer surgery. I am optimistic. I am a strong willed kind of person. I put a lot of faith in my doctors. I truly believe that I’ll get better and I’ll be 100%.”

On Shane McMahon’s return to WWE: “I kind of like the direction it’s going right now. I think the Shane McMahon storyline… it’s way out of nowhere. That’s for sure. As far as The McMahons go, I actually kind of like the storyline because I think there’s a shred of truth to it. Shane is a very versatile guy. In a lot of ways you look at Stephanie McMahon or even Triple H and you can question sometimes their psychology and their sense of direction with where they are going. I will say this much in defense of Shane McMahon. When his Dad hired him he did every job. He refereed, he set up the ring, he did announcing… he did every single job there was to do. All I can say is that he knows the business. He’s got some sense with storylines and how he is as a professional wrestler. I’ve seen him take some huge bumps and a lot of hard falls. I give him kudos for at least giving his heart to everything. He’s really worked hard to always be a guy who tried his hardest. From that stand point I kind of cheer him on in this storyline that started off with his Dad, Stephanie and Triple H. I like the thread of it anyway.”