Jim Ross Blog: Raw Reactions on The Undertaker, Ryback’s Push, Dean Ambrose’s Lack of Wins, League of Nations Not Over

Jim Ross had a new blog following Raw, here are some of the highlights

on The Undertaker
While it was great to see The Undertaker on any WWE broadcast as we did Monday night I would have loved to have heard more from the phenom as to why he was essentially doing McMahon’s bidding against VKM’s only son at Wrestlemania Texas. The son’s blood will be on the hands of the father was an ominous message but I needed a bit more information. I am looking forward to the Shane-Taker match and the subsequent build for this special attraction contest that will be held inside HIAC at the biggest event of the year and likely before 100,000+ fans in AT&T Stadium. Yes, I still think that WWE wil have over 100,000 fans on hand for Wrestlemania Texas, a title that was first named ‘Wrestlemania Texas’ on a Ross Report months ago. That might earn me a fee tee shirt.

on Ryback
I endorse WWE attempting to re-develop Ryback and make him a main event player to help their depth in that area. I’ve often said that if WWE followed the way that they booked Warrior or how WCW booked Goldberg that Ryback would likely get over to a much larger degree. Once he’s over then more traditional booking philosophies can be reinstated for him.

on Ambrose
Would it have been better for Ambrose to catch a quick one on ADR before the HHH inspired beat down occurred? Just asking. I do like the set up for a HHH-Ambrose title bout on the WWE Network on March 12 which is also the same night that I make my CBS Sports Net debut on Knockout Night at the D in Vegas. Hopefully these two will give fans a 15-20 minute bell to bell classic.

on the League of Nations
It’s understood what WWE wants to accomplish with the LON faction but until the LON is put into positions that they can build their group as one powerful entity, the League of Nations won’t be hitting on all cylinders. We need to see unity in a organic sense for fans to take this group seriously and not as a temporary entity as many currently feel. I am not a LON ‘hater’ but they need to build heat/angst on an ongoing basis as 50/50 like booking does them no favors either.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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