Lucha Underground S2 E6: Gift of the Gods – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring GotG Champion King Cuerno & Fenix in a Ladder Match, Plus Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr., Prince Puma & Many More!

King Cuerno Gift of the Gods

What’s up, Believers?  Welcome back to our weekly Live Coverage Special for Lucha Underground Season 2!  There’s lots to be excited about tonight!  We’ve got King Cuerno defending his Gift of the Gods Championship Title against Fenix in a Ladder Match (Dario Cueto’s missing out…), a rematch against Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma, and Sexy Star’s long-awaited, season debut in the ring!  Plus, hopefully we’ll get to see who was chasing Sexy Star last we saw her a couple episodes ago… Which could possibly the debut of Marty “The Moth” Martinez’s legendary Grandmother Moth.  The Mack’s insertion in Sexy’s storyline could also mean we’ll see him in action again either tonight or in the near future, which is exciting as well, and an interesting addition to the Sexy/Moth rivalry.

Mil Puma Casket Match LU S1

There is a lot more LU has given us to think about, as well – for example, last we saw Prince Puma, Catrina hinted at the possible death of Konnan, who lost a Casket Match with the Disciples of Death and Mil Muertes last season.  Is Konnan still alive?  Will we see him in future episodes?  Catrina’s mentioning of him is no coincidence, considering Creative’s attention to detail and their choices always have some intended significance.  They have yet to disappoint us Believers yet, so we should keep an eye out, if not this episode, then in the future.

There’s also the matter of the Ancient Aztec Prophecy, in which Dragon Azteca, Rey Mysterio, and Aero Star are involved.  We still have yet to see Aero Star in the ring, so perhaps tonight’s the night?  There is also Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro’s involvement in taking down The Crew and Dario Cueto, plus Black Lotus’s partnership with Cueto.  We also saw the remarkable debut of Taya Valkyrie (finally!) and her alliance with Johnny Mundo, who won last week’s main event with “The Machine” Brian Cage.  Moreover, the feud between Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans and Drago is still going strong, judging from last week’s match in which Drago intervened, costing LU newcomer “The Darewolf” PJ Black’s possible win.

Moth LU S2E3

Whew!  So which of those storylines will we see tonight, along with the current card?  Stay tuned at 8 P.M. tonight to find out!  In the meantime, you can check out last week’s live coverage and the accompanying recap with detailed analysis!

Gift of the Gods Title LU S2E5

Also, El Rey Network, if you could start manufacturing replica title belts, that’d be great. Fanks.

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!  Check out this AWESOME fanart!

Make sure you follow Taya on Twitter and stay updated on her LU involvement!  Also – Lego Dario Cueto!!!

And, the highly anticipated…

And don’t forget – Lucha Underground is now available for purchase on the iTunes Store!  The Season 2 Pass is also available, and new episodes are up the day after they air!  Hooray!  Great news for those of you who can’t get El Rey.


Less than 10 minutes to go!

It’s 8 P.M. guys!  Here we go!

We get a recap of Sexy Star’s hostage situation with Marty “The Moth” Martinez.  The Mack looks in fear.  We also get the scene with Prince Puma and Catrina, plus the stuff about Konnan and his possible death.  The match between Puma and Pentagon Jr.  Catrina escaping Pentagon’s armbreaker… That was the last time he’ll lay his hands on her.  The match between King Cuerno and Fenix.  Tonight is their Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods title!

In Boyle Heights… We see Mil Muertes in front of an altar.  He’s summoned Catrina.  He’s mad at her – he wants to fight Cuerno and Fenix.  We learn that him and Catrina have known each other for quite some time.  Mil would never have escaped the tomb if it weren’t for her.  He could bury her know if he could, but if she gives him Pentagon and Puma… He’ll bury them instead.

She says… No!  She disappears from his chokehold.  Mil is left angry and dying for vengeance.

Back in the Temple’s squared circle.  Vampiro raises the roof!  Mil is not on his Throne!  Where the heck is he?!

Melissa introduces Sexy Star!  She’s finally back and away from the grasp of The Moth!  Her opponent is… Kobra Moon!  She is brilliant with her feather shoulder gear, as usual.  She comes from one of the oldest tribes in Mexico.

Singles Match: Sexy Star vs. Kobra Moon!!

Kobra slithers across the ring.  They have space.  Kobra has Sexy around the hips.  Sexy reverses.  Kobra slithers out.  They feel each other out again.  The Mack comes out to watch!

Kobra slaps Sexy.  She knees her in the stomach.  Arm lock move.  Notice how when Sexy changed the tone, Kobra reversed.  Sexy rolls Kobra across the ring.

Kobra is back and slaps her.  Sexy slaps back!

Kobra has Sexy wrapped around her!  She pins her – kick out. Kobra kicks her.  She stays very close to Sexy.

Cheers for Sexy!  Sexy comes back with a body scissors reversal!

Surfboard submission!  Marty the Moth is here too!!!  Kobra has Sexy in the Dragon’s Sleeper!  She won with this move in her match with Bengala!

Sexy taps out!  We’ve never seen her tap out before!

Winner via submission: Kobra Moon

Marty is mocking Sexy while we cut to commercial.

We’re back!  Want to become a famous fighter?  You can call Famous B at 423-GET-FAME!

Dragon Azteca was watching that commercial when Rey Mysterio shuts it off.  Azteca’s training is more important than TV.

They practice.  Mysterio is getting him ready for his destiny.

We also get a promo with Cuerno!

He embraces the hunt with anticipation.  He feels no remorse when the kill is made.  Just satisfaction.  Tonight, when he climbs the Ladder to the Heavens, he will no longer be just a hunter.  He will be a God… And then, the next Lucha Underground Champion.

For now, we cut to commercial.  Fenix is also the Luchador of the Week, sponsored by Cricket Wireless.

We’re back!  Time another match!

Singles Rematch: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Junior

Matt Striker thinks a match with Prince Puma is one of the best ways to introduce first-time viewers to Pentagon Jr.  I don’t disagree.  Here we go!

Puma is pounding on Pentagon.  Pentagon does a reversal.  He pounds Puma.  Runs into him from the ropes but Puma stands his ground.  Lots of counters and acrobatics!  They’re everywhere!  The crowd cheers.

Puma leaps onto Pentagon from the ropes!  “A photo for a poster,” says Striker.

Puma is on the move!  He leaps onto Pentagon’s head from the ropes, outside of the ring!

They’re back in the ring.  Locking eyes with Believers.  Puma leaps onto Pentagon again, slaps him.  Pin – kick out.  Puma is frustrated.  Puma tries to reverse a move by Pentagon but Pentagon’s kick to the diaphragm knocks him out!  Puma is exhausted.

Pentagon takes off his gloves!  He slaps Puma.  The auditory delight of Pentagon.

Puma has pinned him but Pentagon kicks out.  Counters.  The moves of Puma.

He slams onto Pentagon, pins him, kick out.  Puma is pissed.  Puma tries dragging Pentagon across the ring. He climbs the turnbuckles.  He leaps, misses, but recovers quickly.  Pentagon goes to him but Puma catches him.

Uh oh!  Here comes Mil Muertes!  He’s coming down the steps.  Pentagon pins Puma in the meantime, but he kicks out.  They’re exhausted.  The ref starts a count.  “Cero miedo!” cries the crowd.  Mil takes off his sling!

Pentagon goes for a piledriver, but Puma escapes!  Mil is in the ring!  He knocks out Pentagon!

The bell rings, but Puma attacks Mil!  Mil spears Pentagon and then Puma!

Mil grabs Pentagon’s throat, then Puma’s.  Flatliner by Mil on both luchadores!

Mil grabs his title and basks in the spotlight in the carnage.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!  Mil and Catrina walk backstage in the Temple.  Catrina believes all he needed was motivation. Mil wants to defend his championship against both Puma and Pentagon.  Nothing can stop him. It’s his Temple.

Striker and Vampiro have breaking news – in three weeks, 20 luchadores and luchadoras will fight!  Two will open the match, and the winner becomes the #1 Contender for the LU Championship Match!  It is Aztec Warfare, folks!

Main Event – The Gift of the Gods Championship Ladder Match: Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno vs. Fenix

The rules are simple: the luchador who can successfully climb the ladder and retrieve the Title above it is the Champion!  RIGHT AFTER this commercial break!

Sexy Star sends Marty “The Moth” Martinez a message…

We’re back!  Our Main Event, the Gift of the Gods Championship Ladder Match between current Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno and Fenix!

Cuerno and Fenix look up at the title. Fenix suffers from doing so.  Counters!  Fenix comes back!  Fenix bounces off Cuerno’s back.  Ouch.  Cuerno is out of the ring and he grabs a ladder.  Fenix flies from the ring onto Cuerno!  Corkscrew splash!

All of the ladders are outside of the ring, so you have to take the fight outside of it as a result.  Fenix has the ladder in the ring now.  Easier than expected.

Cuerno watches as he recovers.  Fenix knocks him off the ladder!  So close.

Cuerno kicks him while he’s down.  Cuerno sets up the ladder again, but leans it against the turnbuckle.  He’ll be using it for offense, it seems.  He throws Fenix into the ladder!  Christ.

Cuerno scouts the perimeter of the ring.  Why doesn’t he just take the belt?  Cuerno gets another ladder from outside the ring.  What is he planning?  He leans it against the edge of the ring.  Cuerno moves Fenix to the newly-placed ladder, but Fenix kicks and stands his ground.  Cuerno pushes Fenix out of the ring, but not onto the ladder.

Cuerno lifts Fenix, and runs him into the edge of the ladder.  Cuerno carries a ladder and leans it against the outside of Catrina’s office.  She might enjoy that.  Cuerno slaps Fenix while he’s still suffering outside of the ring.  Cheers for Cuerno.

He carries another ladder.  Fenix can’t even stand.  Cuerno has a ladder aimed at Fenix.  Fenix slowly gets up.  Cuerno slowly places down the ladder and sneaks up to Fenix, with a football kick to the ribs.  He grabs Fenix, Fenix pushes him, Cuerno jumps on the ladder to recover, and retaliates!

Cheers from the crowd.  Cuerno’s got a hold of Fenix again.  He pushes him into some front-row, empty audience seats.  More cheers.

The ref checks on Fenix.  Cuerno has another ladder.  The suspense is killing me.  Cuerno drags Fenix and pushes a ladder at the ref.  Jeez.  Fenix leans by a ladder, and Cuerno kicks him again.  They’re both on top of the ladder now, by a canopy in the Temple.  Fenix gets out of a headlock, still on the ladder.  He’s on the canopy among the crowd, and Cuerno is down.  Fenix prepares.  He leaps from the canopy onto Cuerno!  Vampiro applauds!  “This is awesome!” chants!

Fenix pushes Cuerno into a gate!  He goes for it again, but Cuerno tosses Fenix overhead.  Cuerno climbs the gate and jumps onto him.  Fenix suffers.  They fight among the fans!  I’m jealous.  Fenix comes back with a punch after some offense from Cuerno, but there’s another slap.  Fenix gets a second wind, but Cuerno pushes him into a ladder outside of the gate!  Ouch…

The refs check with Fenix.  Cuerno grabs Fenix.  He punches him.  If there’s blood, that may be the end of the match.  Cuerno grabs a ladder, but misses Fenix and runs into the steel post of the ring, back into his bicep!  Fenix goes for a kick after holding on to a ladder.  He rises from the flames.

We’re back to where we were from the Last Luchador Standing Match!  Fenix climbs a ladder, but Cuerno pushes and Fenix is hit with the ladder in the process.  Vampiro says it’s too violent for his tastes – JK.  It’s not.

Cuerno sets up a ladder under the dangling Title.  He climbs, but Fenix jumps from the ropes and drop kicks Cuerno!

They slowly get up.  More chants from the crowd!  Mil must be enjoying this.  They both climb the ladder! They both hold on the Title!  They hang from the Title after the ladder falls down!

Definitely my favorite moment.  They fall to the ring!  They slowly get up. Cuerno the first to his feet.  He seems to look at Fenix with respect.  But he goes for the Thrill of the Hunt by the turnbuckle and sets up the ladder again.  He hits Fenix, leaves the ring, and gets a table from under the ring!

He sets up the table.  Cheers for the table from the crowd!  Fenix struggles at the sight.  Fenix is on the turnbuckles.  Cuerno has him on his shoulders.  The Thrill of the Hunt from the second rope.  Fenix gets out of harm’s way, leaping palm strike!  Fenix reverses Cuerno’s efforts and Cuerno flies into the table!

Fenix scrambles up the rope!  Come on!  Can he get the title?!  HE DOES!!!!

Winner and your new Gift of the Gods Champion, and your new #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship: Fenix!

Good night, everybody!  The road to Aztec Warfare II starts now!  You can also watch the episode rerun now, if you’d like!

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