Green Lantern #50 Spoilers & Review: As DC Comics Marches To Rebirth’s Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #1, Convergence’s Parallax Strikes!

As part of DC Comics’ Rebirth initiative, Hal Jordan will anchor a new twice monthly series starting in July 2016 called Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. This is different from the other twice monthly shipping title called Green Lanterns that begins in June 2016.

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Parallax, the pre DC Comics New 52 / DC You Hal Jordan, is now part of the “this” DC Comics Universe due to the fallout from the end of DC’s Convergence event. Parallax is visiting with Telos in his mini-series currently as well as with Hal Jordan recently and in Green Lantern #50.

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Spoilers and review follow for Green Lantern #50

It seems that despite Parallax Hal Jordan coming from the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe and Green Lantern Hal Jordan being part of the New 52 universe, their childhoods are similar.

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The difference appears to involve Coast City. Parallax abandoned his and went crazy as we see in the Emerald Twilight storyline.

Emerald Twiligh part 2 Green Lantern #50

He is consumed by this and sees Green Lantern Hal Jordan as potentially following the same path that would lead to the New 52’s Coast City’s destruction.

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It looks like, despite his heroic actions in Convergence and in the pages of Telos, Parallax in Green Lantern #50 starts to be consumed by the Parallax entity (as seen below – not from this issue) and is going crazy or evil or both.


Pretty neat that there are 2 Parallax entities in this DC Universe; one with the pre-Flashpoint Hal Jordan and one with this universe’s Sinestro.

Evil Parallax Hal Jordan strikes! But, what secret power lurks in Green Lantern Hal Jordan?

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Parallax is hell bent of consuming more power… and worries even more about Green Lantern’s powerful future.

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What is up with Green Lantern Hal Jordan?

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It looks Parallax Hal Jordan won’t be prominent in next month’s Green Lantern #51, but it appears he’ll be back in Green Lantern #52, if in fact that silhouette is Parallax. Or maybe that is Parallax Sinestro? Shoulder pads and cape kind of give it away, I think… “a” Parallax anyway.

Green Lantern #52

Overall, I like the story, but the art I can take or leave from Green Lantern #50. Even the last page, the second last image above, does Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s new powerful entity wear a mask or not? It varies in two panels on the same page!

I am curious how Green Lantern marching to #52 will tie into the end of Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion #6 mini-series and lead to Rebirth’s Green Lanterns #1 as well as Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1.

Fun times ahead, except for Sinestro series in Rebirth. Perhaps he’s a Green Lantern again? Time will tell.

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