Trashy Ring Attire’s Trash Talk: Your Thoughts on the WWE Diva’s Belt and Branding?

Welcome to Trashy Ring Attire’s TRASH TALK! A segment that has our trashy colleague, Ben, bring up a topic in wrestling that he believes is worth some discussion, and then asks for your opinions on the matter. After listening to his thoughts, we encourage you all to post your own on the comments section, which we’ll read on our next episode of Trashy Ring Attire.

This week, Ben approaches the subject of the Diva’s division, more notably the belt and branding. Take a listen:

So, our question to you is:

Do you think the Divas belt or the branding of “Divas” need to be changed? If so, to what? How significant would changing the belt or brand be to the credibility of the women’s division?

Leave your answers and comments below. We look forward to reading them. Keep it trashy!

BD and Kue

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