10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor March 5, 2016 (Top Prospect Tournament final, Moose, and Christopher Daniels versus Dalton Castle)

Thought Zero – And here we are, back for another hour of Ring of Honor television. Hopefully it will be a good hour. I saw some of the NJPW television this week with Jim Ross calling the action and it was fun and exciting. Which is quite the change from the little bit of WWE Raw I saw this week, which was some of the worst television I’ve seen lately. So let’s see what this hour brings…

1. The show starts with the Top Prospect Tournament final between Brian Fury and Lio Rush. I’d be surprised if Rush didn’t go over here. They’ve been trying hard to convince us that Fury is a once in a lifetime talent, despite just starting his wrestling career. Personally, I am not sure if Rush is all that. He is still a small, high-flying, flippy guy. Athletic, sure, but he just doesn’t strike me as someone whose moves pack a lot of punch.

2. And just like that, Rush gets the advantage with some athletic and high flying moves, but Fury just casually flings him into the barricade to take over. Someone in the crowd starts a “This is awesome” chant, but it really isn’t and that person should be ashamed of themselves for trying to start that chant.

3. They have Rush kick out of Fury’s pop-up powerbomb and then hit his weird inside-out flippy finishing move for the win. I have to say that I was quite underwhelmed with this year’s tournament. I get that Lio Rush is a young and exciting rookie and ROH wants to lock him up for a little bit, but they already have Cheeseburger for a “giant killer” or underdog gimmick. Do I really need to see someone else just get beat on until they miraculously win?

4. Next match is someone named Kongo versus Moose. I have no idea who Kongo is, but he is a big fat guy, so of course he will be great. But if this is just a set-up for a Moose squash, that’s cool with me. But wait… they’re letting Kongo use the power of the fat to get in some offense here. And by offense, I mean a lot of spashes and cannonballs and such.

5. Moose mooses up and makes the no-selling comeback. Then Kongo hits the pounce out of nowhere. That’s a finishing move that I really like and someone should bring it back.

6. Moose finishes things off with some impressive athleticism and his spear. Now, listen, I like Moose. He appears to have a lot of natural talent, a ton of athleticism, and impressive power. I think he could be a very good champion in the future. But his finishing move – that flipping spear – is just weak. I mean, everything Moose does looks strong and powerful, even his dropkicks and high flying moves look devastating. So why change up a spear, which when done well looks crushing (see Goldberg), and put a little flip on it? It just looks silly while Moose has worked to make it look good, it is still a weak spot in my eyes.

7. Next up is Cedric Alexander (who has apparently stolen AJ Styles little hoodie thing) with Veda Scott (dressed in her wrestling gear for some reason) versus Adam Page. This should be a good match. But, alas, it is not to be as BJ Whitmer comes out to attack Adam Page. Jonathan Gresham comes out to even the score and it is a weak little brawl. The best thing I can say about this is that BJ Whitmer and Steve Corino didn’t get into it again (maybe they have seen the light and ended that once and for all).

8. Main event time – Christopher Daniels versus Dalton Castle. I actually listened to Daniels’ introduction and could not stop laughing. Apparently, Frankie Kazarian’s nickname is the “Heavy Metal Rebel.” What the hell kind of nickname is that? And how does it even make sense? And then, compare that to Daniels’ nickname. He wasn’t introduced as “The Fallen Angel,” but as “Almighty” Christopher Daniels. Now THAT is one hell of a nickname! Sub-thought time!

8.A. Silas Young is out to do guest commentary because … of course he is. However, Kevin Kelly decided to read everyone’s mind and ask this to Silas Young, and I quote, “When are you ever going to let this go with Dalton Castle?” The reply was that he is done with Castle and Christopher Daniels asked him to be out there because he thinks “he’s a fan of my commentary.” Okay, that made me chuckle and was not expected. Let’s see where they go.

8.B. Dalton Castle’s entrance is just fantastic. The crowd eats it up and the peacock thing is hilarious. I really am curious as to how Castle would work in front of a large arena crowd.

8.C. Mr. Wrestling 3 makes a off-hand comment about Daniels being back from his suspension, but Steve Corino is still not. To which Kevin Kelly explains that is good for Mr. Wrestling 3 or else he would be out of a job. This announce team is bringing the funny tonight.

9. This should be a good match if they keep the outside shenanigans to a minimum. Castle’s mindgames are early Golddust-esque, and just as fun. Some early humor spots and then we get to see Castle’s surprising strength for a bit (including his kick-ass dead-lift German suplex). After that, Daniels takes over with his veteran acumen. Both of these men are really fun to watch in the ring. I don’t even care if they have no real reason to be wrestling.

10. Fun little sequence to end the match as Daniels gets a wrench from Kazarian, then one of the boys grabs the wrench and pokes Daniels in the eyes with a feather, Castle tries to go for Bangarang, but Kazarian grabs his leg, and Daniels reverses for the Angel’s Wings and the three count. Post-match, Silas Young talks some trash, so Castle challenges Young to a Fight Without Honor. So we FINALLY get the blow-off to this feud. Thank you.


Not a bad edition of ROH television. Not the best, but not bad. I enjoyed the Castle-Daniels match quite a bit which made up for the wrong guy going over in the Top Prospect Tournament. And next week they are promising a seven team tag team gauntlet match for a future tag team title shot. That should be heaven for my little tag team loving heart.

I’ll have another Fantasy Book on Thursday, so look for that. Until next time…




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