10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 03.07.2016 (Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, Becky and Sasha vs Tamina & Naomi, Shane O Mac)


Here are my thoughts on Raw!

1. Shane facing the Undertaker is still a ridiculous idea, but they’re doing a good setting up Shane as the sane alternative to his increasingly out of touch father

2. Neville vs Owens is always going to be a good match, and both men worked hard to entertain. Neville’s shooting star press to the outside was amazing, as was his second rope flippy thing. Owens picks up the win with a roll up to continue the rivalry

3. Oh yeah, it’s Sami Zayn with the save! It’s great to see Sami back on Raw and a program with KO makes perfect sense

4. Next up Brie Bella takes on Summer Rae in an ad for Total Divas. I realize some people enjoy this show, but I just don’t care. Lana interferes wearing double denim, which seems appropriate.

5. Dolph gets to take on three members of the League, because that will finally get him over, surely. Nothing much to see here, apart from what maybe one of Barrett’s last matches in the WWE, if the rumors are to be believed…

6. Becky and Sasha vs Tamina & Naomi was decent if short. although the presence of Charlotte and Grandpa Ric at ringside distracted from the match rather than adding anything.

7. New Day vs Styles and Jericho was fun for the Y2AJ shirts, and the in ring action was as solid as you would expect. Jericho’s turn on AJ after the match was entirely predictable, but the fact that it continues their rivalry is a good thing.

8. Hey, it’s Kalisto, and he’s facing Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze, who really hasn’t been given a chance to shine since hitting the main roster. Breeze puts on a strong performance and shows off his aggressive side, but there is no way the luchadore is dropping the title at this point, so Kalisto gets the win with a cross between an SDS and a Sliced Bread #2

9. Oh social outcasts. I don’t like you, and I find your rivalry with Goldback to be pointless and boring. I can’t imaging Punk is too happy that Ryberg is stealing his moves now, but then again Vince probably told him to do it to get some ‘heat’.

10. Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt was a fine way to close out the night, although Wyatt seems to have lost a lot of the mystique that he once had. After the inevitable Wyatt Family run in, Triple H hits the ring and wastes enough time for Ambrose to recover and hit the dirty deeds. Meh. Still don’t care about whatever the next PPV is called.

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