Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Shane McMahon, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn Run In, Vince McMahon

WWE had another new Raw on Monday, what did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of the show?

Sam Keola

I want to go back and watch more in depth, but even half watching things stuck out. First, cause when I heard Zayn’s music I knew friends of mine were marking out hard. Zayn and Owens are setting a nice foundation for a career long feud, which is exactly what WWE needs. This feud can only go higher. I’m surprised we saw Y2AJ implode so early. Is it a rush job for Roadblock? If not, do we really need a big build for this feud for WM? Vince/Shane feud is building slow. Nice UT tease. Rumors of Barrett not renewing and takes the fall made me smirk. At this stage there’s barely any build toward a Wrestlemania main event. Triple H vs Ambrose > Triple H vs Reigns. That’s a bit worrisome. How are they going to swerve this to put the shine on Reigns and not damage Ambrose for the big Lesnar match? At the end of Raw, I think they made a mistake not having the Wyatt’s jump Triple H. It would definitely give more chaos, in a good way, and pizzazz to a seemingly lack luster Mania build by throwing Bray into the mix.


Here are my thoughts on Raw!

1. Shane facing the Undertaker is still a ridiculous idea, but they’re doing a good setting up Shane as the sane alternative to his increasingly out of touch father

2. Neville vs Owens is always going to be a good match, and both men worked hard to entertain. Neville’s shooting star press to the outside was amazing, as was his second rope flippy thing. Owens picks up the win with a roll up to continue the rivalry

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