Gail Kim on TNA, WWE, Natalya – “always wished she got a mega push”

Gail Km recently did a Reddit AMA, here are the highlights…

On Eliminating Herself From a WWE Battle Royal: “Eh it was uneventful lol. I think a few people noticed but I just had had enough and was done and I wanted to say again, that I would never have done that if it would’ve compromised anything else in the match. Because it did not Matter, I did it and I don’t regret doing it either.”

On Her Favorite WWE Diva: “Foxy is my girl. That’s my personal Favorite on a real life level. Otherwise I don’t watch enough to say and of course props to Nattie. I always wished she got a mega push and should be in that ring way more than she is”

On Changes to TNA: “Over the years there has been a LOT of changes and I feel like no matter what, we have always been a family like company. The talent always pulls through and yes just like any other company there are ups and downs. The negativity that comes from fans I find for the most part are fans who are WWE die hard fans who prob haven’t watched us on a continuous basis to even back up their negativity but hey if they’re real wrestling fans I feel as if they would just sit back and enjoy it for what it is and know that we as wrestlers do it for them and our passion. I know for myself and only myself I experienced both companies twice and have always had the best experiences of my life with TNA. So I can only speak truly on behalf Of myself”