Lucha Underground S2 E7: Death Comes In Threes – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring LU Champion Mil Muertes, Pentagon Jr., Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Cage, Marty “The Moth” & Many More!

Mil Pentagon Puma LU S2E6

Get ready, Believers!  Welcome to the weekly live coverage for Lucha Underground!  On tonight’s all-new episode, we’ll finally see current LU Champion Mil Muertes in his second title defense for the main event – a Triple Threat match with Pentagon Junior and Prince Puma!  Also in store is another match between Johnny Mundo and “The Machine” Brian Cage, likely with an appearance by Mundo’s new ally and LU‘s newest luchadora, Taya Valkyrie, plus a singles match with The Mack versus Marty “The Moth” Martinez! Tonight looks exciting, with all of these continuations of these epic rivalries – prepare for the violence.

Catrina Mil S2E6

The buildup between Pentagon Jr., Prince Puma, and Mil Muertes began in the season premiere and has only been getting stronger, successfully reaching this point in which they fight for the title.  This is excellent, considering Aztec Warfare II is in just two weeks – plus, two other luchadores are in line for the title, Mundo and Cage.  And we can’t forget last week’s epic ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Championship that ended with Fenix as the new champion.  But King Cuerno will be back for more, no doubt, especially since he has an alliance with Catrina to end Fenix.

Going back to Mil Muertes, his long partnership with Catrina obviously has been beneficial to him and his bloodthirsty desires – including his want to finish Pentagon Junior and Prince Puma.  But Mil can’t possibly lose the title so quickly and so easily – so what’s in store for this match?  Will the Disciples of Death intervene?

Taya Mundo Cage S2E6

Plus, which storylines will we see more of tonight?  It sounds like we’ll definitely be seeing more of the The Moth/The Mack/Sexy Star feud.  It was interesting how Kobra Moon was in the match-up with Sexy Star, and it’s a little weird if the intent behind that was Kobra to just introduce the feud to the ring.  We also haven’t seen The Unlikely Trio in a couple episodes, so perhaps it’s their time again to reappear tonight, since Creative has been evening-out the screentime for the storylines.

Check back here at 8 P.M. sharp for the live updates and play-by-plays!  In the meantime, you can check out last week’s live coverage, and stay tuned for the accompanying recap for last week’s episode!

And in case you didn’t see it – LU has FOUR upcoming live tapings, so if you can make it to Boyle Heights, RSVP ASAP!  Tickets go fast!

More Twitter buzz and cool fan art!

Less than 10 minutes!

Also check out the fourth and final issue of the Lucha Underground comic series!  Let’s hope for more off-screen narratives like this soon.

It’s 8 P.M.!  Let’s go!

We get a recap of the Sexy Star/The Moth/The Mack feud, plus Johnny Mundo and Brian Cage’s main event match!  As well as Drago’s interference in Jack Evans and PJ Black’s match.  Pentagon Junior, Catrina, Mil Muertes, and Prince Puma.  Mil attacking Pentagon and Puma.  This is his Temple, and no one can stop him!

Promo: Sexy Star and The Mack

Sexy Star is in the locker room.  The Mack comes in and wants her outside of the ring for support.  He knows she’s been acting different since she was taken hostage.  She decides to help him squash that bug, The Moth.

Back in the Temple ring, the crowd is wild.  Ugh, Marty “The Moth” is crowding Melissa Santos.

He waves his wings.  “No means no!” cries from the crowd.  The Mack comes out, but The Moth tries to grab Santos! The Mack jumps in the ring to stop him!  Here we go!

Singles Match: Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. The Mack

The Mack slams The Moth into the turnbuckles repeatedly!  The Mack dodges Moth’s moves.  Mack is on fire!  The Moth rolls out of the ring.  Cheers for Sexy Star!  Moth is back in the ring.  Counter from Moth. Moth does a striptease – gross.

He flies out of the ring onto Mack.

Sexy Star comes to Mack’s aid!

Moth puts Mack back in the ring.  Sexy cheers for Mack.  Moth has control of Mack.

Moth jumps from the buckles but Mack rolls out of the way!  T-bone from Mack!

Mack climbs the buckles.  The lights go out! Music begins to play as… The female Moth approaches the ring! Holy crap!

Mack is distracted from the Second Moth’s appearance!  Moth goes for the pin and wins!

Winner via pinfall: Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Moth takes the mic.  The Second Moth is his sister, Mariposa!  Sexy Star is terrified.  Mariposa has total control over Sexy Star!  She hits Sexy Star.

We cut to commercial!  Here are some workout tips from Johnny Mundo, in the meantime.

We’re back!

Promo: Fenix

The real world doesn’t want Fenix.  He sought out a different world, and they said he would never survive in Lucha Underground.  He sought to prove them wrong, that he would become Champion.  We get a video package of his moves from so far this season, including last week’s ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Championship.  The LU Championship is next.  Some fantasies are worth believing in.

Promo: Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans

Hahaha, Evans is taking a piss backstage.  Drago attacks him!  He demands Evans to slay him!  “I don’t think you’re going to have to,” says Evans.  It’s PJ Black behind him!

He attacks Drago with his own weapons!  A fight scene ensues in the bathroom.

Drago knocks them for a second, but Black and Evans hold him down.

Aero Star appears!

Black tells Evans to book it.  Aero Star helps Drago up!  They are friends. #DragonStar

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!  Time for another match.

The 290-pound Machine is in the ring.  Taya Valkyrie comes out before Johnny Mundo and speaks on the mic.

Looks like she’s fighting Cage!  CALLED IT.  She is the “perfect woman,” so let’s see if he has the balls to face her.  Cheers from the crowd as she enters the ring!

No Disqualification Match: “The Machine” Brian Cage vs. Taya Valkyrie

The two face off.  Taya taunts Cage.  She slaps him!  He comes back with a clothesline.

He grabs her and slams her down!  He does so again and goes for the cover.  “He does not discriminate,” says Striker. Valkyrie hits him in the groin!  How is she moving?

She counters and moves in for the hit in the turnbuckles!

She leaves the ring to get a pipe, but Cage grabs her and runs her into the balcony gate!  They’re back in the ring. Powerbomb by Cage!  He slams her into the turnbuckles.

Cage leaves the ring to get a table!  Valkyrie suffers in the meantime.  Cage looks at the crowd and they cheer.  Cage sets up a second table.  He climbs the ropes… Picks her up… Slams her into both tables!  “Holy shit!” cheers the crowd!

Cage takes off his suspenders and puts her back in the ring.  She sells the exhaustion.

Johnny Mundo comes in!  He hits Cage with the pipe!

He puts Valkyrie on top of Cage for the pin, but there’s a kick out by Cage!  Cheers for Mundo from the crowd.  Uh oh, he takes a cinderblock from under the ring!  And beer bottles!  Mundo hits Cage.  He tries to go for a powerbomb, but Cage reverses!

He’s going to hit Mundo into the block!  Valkyrie comes to Mundo’s aid!

Mundo hits Cage in the head with a bottle!  And another!  Mundo pushes Valkyrie into Cage to save himself!

Cage’s Weapon X!  He pins Valkyrie!

Winner: “The Machine” Brian Cage

Mundo says he’s still going to take The Machine to slam town!  Cage reigns in his victory!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back with another commercial from Famous B!  Brenda is a case study.

She wouldn’t have all of these problems if she was Famous!  She is transformed!  Thanks to him, she’s not ugly!

Promo: The Unlikely Trio – Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico

We’re in Catrina’s office.  Ivelisse is leaving and tells the guys that there’s a tag match for them next week, on one condition – they win, or hit the high road.  They argue.  Ivelisse tells them to shut up, and it’s time to man up.  Oh, and Havoc is still not putting out.

We’re back in the ring!  Time for the main event – the Triple Threat for the Lucha Underground Championship!  Prince Puma, the first champion in history, comes out first!  Pentagon Junior is out next.  “Cero miedo,” cheers from the crowd!  And, lastly, from beyond the grave, comes out the current LU Champion, Mil Muertes!  He comes out with Catrina, the High Priestess of Darkness!  We cut to commercial – this match is next!

Triple Threat Match for the Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Junior vs. Prince Puma vs. Current Champion Mil Muertes

We’re back!  The three are all over each other!  Pentagon and Puma have Mil cornered!  Pentagon kicks Mil! Puma now has control!  Now him and Pentagon – but Mil clotheslines both of them!

Powerbomb on Puma by Mil!  He tosses him around!

Backbreaker on Pentagon by Mil!  Mil throws Pentagon into the turnbuckles with repeating hits. Now the same on Puma!  Mil tries throwing Pentagon over the ropes, but he lands on his feet.

Mil has a grip on Puma.  Puma flies onto Pentagon out of the ring!

Puma chants from the crowd!  Mil brings Puma back onto the side of the ring.  Puma is knocked out!  Mil flies out of the ring onto Puma!  Then into the audience bleachers!  Pentagon watches as the two brawl! Puma gets a hit in.  Puma climbs down for the kill on Pentagon!  More Puma cheers from the crowd!

Until Mil hits Puma.  Mil and Puma fight!  Puma variates between him and Pentagon!  Pentagon also gets a hit in.

Puma has control!  Mil has control over Pentagon now!  He puts him back in the ring as the crowd chants, “This is awesome!”  Mil slams Pentagon down.  First cover of the match by Mil – Pentagon kicks out.  The two fight.  Pentagon clotheslines Mil twice in a row!  “He’s on fire!”  Mil is out of the ring and Pentagon flies onto him!

Puma is back in the ring, and flies onto them too!  The Temple is on fire!

Pentagon flies onto them again! Puma is back in the ring.  One more fly!

Pentagon and Puma are on their feet.  Puma lands on his feet right on top of the gate after Pentagon throws him.  They fight in the audience!  Pentagon slaps Puma.  Puma punches Pentagon.  Puma can’t get a good grip on Pentagon.  Pentagon slams him.  Darkness.

He flies onto Mil Muertes!  The crowd continues to go wild!

Mil repeatedly slams Pentagon into the apron, but Mil throws him into the chairs!  He has control, until Puma jumps onto them!  “Holy shit!” screams!

Pentagon and Puma are in the ring!  Lots of counters. Puma takes Pentagon right on the jaw!  He climbs the turnbuckle and descends onto Pentagon.

Cover!  Almost has it when Mil interrupts!  Mil is pissed.

Mil and Puma brawl.  Puma has control.  Mil comes back!  He covers Puma – kick out at 2.  Catrina beating on the apron like wardrums.  Pentagon kicks Mil out of Puma’s grasp!  The two kick Mil repeatedly!  He RSVP’d for his superkick.

Pentagon uses the ropes to trap Puma.  Pentagon slams Puma and covers him – almost!

Puma kicks out! Pentagon is on his feet, ready to take Puma for his piledriver!  He does it!

He goes for the armbreaker!  But Mil spears Pentagon!

Puma is on his feet, but Mil takes care of that!  Mil picks up Puma and drags him, as well as Pentagon.  He does the flatliner from last week on both men!

He covers both!  1 – 2 – 3!

Winner and still your Lucha Underground Champion – Mil Muertes!

Catrina does the Lick of Death on Pentagon and Puma!

Fenix appears in the balcony!  He speaks – he will return his Gift of the Gods Championship for the LU Championship!  He wants a match with Mil Muertes! That’s next week!

Time for the episode replay!  See you later, Believers!

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