10 Thoughts on Fuller House – Ramona’s Not-So-Epic Party

Awww, Ramona is turning 13. And so, of course, there is going to be a massive celebration in her honor. Sweet 13, and all that (that’s not a thing…). Today’s episode has Ramona stressing about her party while her estranged parents try to make the day special. Meanwhile, DJ’s boss’s son, Matt, seems like he’s pretty into DJ, much to the horror of Steve. And Max tries to train Cosmo to use the toilet.

Here are some thoughts.


1. This is the second episode with “Not-So-adjective” in the title

The first one was “The Not-So-Great Escape,” which was also a Ramona-centric episode. Maybe the writers are trying to give us a not-so-subtle hint about Ramona.

2. Fernando is the worst

Putting aside, for a moment, his borderline racist depiction (a latin man with a lisp who loves dancing and has a quick temper), Fernando also happens to be really, really annoying. Honestly, it’s no wonder him and Kimmy loved (love?!?) each other. They are easily the two most irritating characters on a show that is overflowing with irritation. Every time Fernando opens his mouth, it’s to say something wildly over the top, declare his undying love for his soon-to-be-ex-wife, or misunderstand something one of the other characters says. Oh, and let’s not forget that time he tried to pick up Kimmy while he was on a date with another woman. And we’re supposed to like this character? Do the writers think our memories are that fractured? Actually, you know what, they must. Why else would the recycle jokes at such an alarming rate?

3. A joke about heels I’ve never seen!

That was actually a surprising and semi-delightful moment. Kimmy and Fernando give Ramona an early birthday present, which happen to be heels from some famous shoe line or something, I don’t know. Ramona excitedly puts them on, but of course has trouble walking in them. Kimmy and Fernando react as if seeing their daughter walk for the first time as she totters around the kitchen like a toddler. It’s a cute and clever moment, a rare combination on this show. It recognizes that Ramona is entering teendom, an important milestone, and the show is comparing it to the transition form baby to toddler, with the parents aping the reaction they might have in the latter circumstance. It’s a fairly sophisticated observation for a show that uses a catchphrase as a punchline every third joke.


4. Steve is a CREEP

Steve is a childhood friend of the Tanner family who has appeared periodically throughout the season, mostly just to show up and be awkward for a couple minutes. He is very clearly obsessed with DJ, but for some stupid reason won’t just ask her out like a normal human. But in this episode, he took that awkwardness and turned it all the way up to creepiness. Matt Harmon, the hunky son of DJ’s boss, is taking over for his father while he’s off… I dunno, let’s say participating in competitive eating contests across the Western seaboard. Steve immediately recognizes the possibility of DJ and Matt getting together, based on their clear compatibility and respective attractiveness. So, of course, he tries to thwart this coupling by hooking Matt up with Kimmy. Which is pretty stupid. Kimmy is terrible. At least hook him up with Steph. Later, as Matt is leaving Ramona’s party (DJ invited him), Steve shows up at the door to “make sure Matt makes it to his car.” The implication here is that Steve was waiting at the front door until Matt came out to make sure he didn’t stay the night. And DJ doesn’t even acknowledge it! THAT is some upsetting behavior. Are we supposed to be rooting for Steve? Because I think maybe DJ should get out a restraining order.

5. Finally, a storyline with just Max and Cosmo

Well, it wasn’t really a storyline. It was just a scene with Max talking to Cosmo while the dog sits on a child’s potty. The potty training bit was dropped after a while, but we did get to see them hang out. If only that was the whole episode.

6. Damn, how do they have so much money!?

Seriously, as far as I can tell, DJ is the only one who works. Kimmy has her party planning stuff, but she only ever plans parties for the family. Are they paying her to put on those parties? They are exceptionally lavish, there’s no way the budget is under, like, two grand, at least. And if they AREN’T paying her, where is she getting the money to put on parties like these?! She has to pay child support!!!

7. Steph does not look comfortable behind a turntable

The so-called DJ Tanner is supposed to be mad good at DJ-ing, having spun (spinned?) in places far flung as Prague. But every time we see her behind the turntables, she looks like she has no idea what she’s doing. Again, I’m pretty sure she just plugs in her iPod and puts it on shuffle, dances to the music, then pauses it when someone wants to make a speech. Even doing this basic stuff, she looks uncomfortable. And she never gets paid for any of it!


So Matt saves Kimmy from choking on a piece of food and she hugs him in gratitude. Fernando comes in at that exact moment and flips out on him, thinking he’s about to steal his woman (please). Then he slaps, him in the face with a rubber glove, eliciting the best acting of the show so far from Matt. I’m bummed it didn’t escalate into something more. Instead, Fernando just kisses him.


9. Lola remains mean and terrible

Lola is a “friend” of Ramona’s who Jackson happens to have a huge crush on. She’s the popular girl, so I guess that means she’s desirable. She has not shown a shred of personality so far, but I guess that’s not important when you’re 13. After the power goes out and Ramona thinks her party is ruined, all of her friends and family come together to sing happy birthday. “But it was a disaster!” Ramona says, seeming unable to comprehend that people aren’t your friends because of the quality of your parties. “We’re not here for the party. We’re here for you,” says Lola, in a stunning turnaround from previous episodes. “Except maybe stay off Instagram for a few days.”

Nevermind, she’s still terrible.

10. And on today’s pathos button…

Ramona thinks Kimmy and Fernando will get back together. They explain they won’t but they still love her and each other. Cue the audience “awwww” and Ramona is a little stronger. Puh-lease, that is the oldest sitcom pathos button ever. God, I can’t wait until this show has an original thought.



+ A couple genuinely funny and new jokes

Max and Cosmo got a whole scene to themselves

– Steve, Kimmy, Lola and Fernando all exude various forms of terrible

– Tired and lazy attempts at pathos


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