Bret Hart Talks Candidly on Hulk Hogan, Shane McMahon’s Return to Raw “I know there’s a lot of tension between Stephanie and Shane”

During his debut episode of The Sharpshooter Show, Bret Hart spoke about the Hulk Hogan lawsuit against Gawker and more. Here are the highlights…

On The Drama Between Shane & Vince McMahon: Maybe it’s storyline, maybe it’s not. I know there’s a lot of tension between Stephanie and Shane. It’s my understanding, unless I’m wrong, that there was a lot of tension there for quite a long time. Which is why Shane left. They kind of passed him over and gave everything to Stephanie to run. There’s a lot of question marks about the legitimacy or the reality of what’s going on. For me, as WrestleMania gets closer, the wrestling fan in me is kind of excited about seeing where it goes.

On Hulk Hogan’s Lawsuit Against Gawker: I am not a big Hogan fan but I will say that when someone tapes you without your knowledge and uses it against you… he’s got a good case maybe that way. As far as damages and stuff. You can never take away what he said. All of the stuff that he said came right out of his own mouth and was his own words. It did a lot of harm to his image. It cost him his relationship with the WWE. Probably for a lot of fans, especially black fans, I think they really saw a side of him that they’ll never really bond with again. Maybe rightfully so. As soon as I saw all that stuff happen I was like, “Wow! How could he make that kind of mistake?” When you’ve got friends like that Bubba guy that would actually tape you doing all these things and then try to sell those tapes. It sounds like a bunch of slimy people. Hogan is a slimeball and it seems like the kinds of people he hangs out with are slimeballs. Everybody got messy. Everybody got dirty out of that thing. If he makes a lot of money on it, I dunno, I can’t put a price tag on integrity and reputation. You’d never catch Bret Hart saying the things Hulk Hogan said.