The 105 Minute Match: Trevor Lee vs Roy Wilkins

105 minutes is how long Trevor Lee and Roy Wilkins fought over the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship at the end of February this year. It was a match that featured no hold barred and no time limit stipulations along with the added note that if Trevor Lee does not win, he leaves CWF Mid-Atlantic for good. Now, those of you that are unfamiliar with CWF Mid-Atlantic, they’re a wrestling organization just outside of Greensboro, NC and when they say someone leaves the company for good, they mean it because they are refreshingly old school. None of this John Cena getting fired for a week and yet he still manages to get ringside tickets for Raw nonsense. Trevor Lee is probably a familiar name to most of you as he is the current TNA X-Division Champion and there’s a very Daniel Bryan familiarity with his work.
But with all that said, this match was a lot of fun to watch and methodically paced so that your drawn in and blown away by the time they reach the high spots. Do you like old school traditional wrestling? Do you like stiff spots? Do you like run-in shenanigans that send matches into chaos? This match has a little bit of everything and finds a way to blend it together into a well-thought story both in the ring and told by the commentating crew led by Brad Stutts (seriously, Stutts was my favorite part about the times Joel and I used to watch Raw at Geeksboro and the CWF guys and girl (Hi, Chasity Taylor) would come watch the show.

For more info on CWF Mid-Atlantic, go check our their website

As for the match itself, you don’t think I would not include the match in it’s entirety, do you? Do a quick stretch, go take a quick bathroom break, grab some snacks from the kitchen and settle into one of the better matches I’ve seen in a while.

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