10 Thoughts on Fuller House – Secrets, Lies, and Firetrucks

I came across an article a while back when I was researching this show about how Fuller House had disappointed many diehard fans of the original show for the sole reason that it was “too racy.” I’ll admit, my first reaction to this was a mixture of confusion, annoyance, and a little bit of disgust. If THIS show is too racy for you, you probably just shouldn’t be participating in the culture at all. I can understand that point of view, I suppose, if you’re watching with kids and you are literally the most conservative family in America. But what really gets under my skin is the religious critique of the show. Many viewers complain that Fuller House isn’t “Christian” enough or doesn’t properly pedal “Christian values.” And that really makes my blood boil. I have no patience for people trying to force their dogma onto a secular piece of pop culture. Can you imagine the rage that would ensue if the Muslim community complained any show at all didn’t properly depict “Islamic values?” Fox News would probably burst into flames.

As anybody who’s been reading my articles on this show can attest, I don’t particularly like Fuller House. And that’s fine. I’m not the show’s target audience. But god damn it, I will defend it’s right to depict vaguely, kind-of, almost suggestive things and approach themes that are slightly, close-to, not quite evocative. No one has the right to demand that any piece of…. okay, I guess I’ll say it… art adhere to their own system of dogma or morality. PHEW.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s move on to today’s episode. Jackson teaches Max the wonders of lying, but lying quickly gets Max in trouble with his friends. Meanwhile, both Kimmy and DJ kindle a romance with respective forbidden lovers, and Bob Saget really, really likes his couch. Pretty racy stuff, right?

Here are some thoughts.


1. God, I hate Fernando

We start the episode with Kimmy and Fernando waking up next to each other on the couch after falling asleep watching a movie. Fernando insists that they’re back together, but Kimmy sets him straight. They are in a trial run of sorts. And now Fernando has to escape out the window so no one knows they were together. From the third story window. So Kimmy distracts the family while Fernando descends from the roof, then quickly enters to pick up Ramona while basically telling everyone that he was just on the roof. He even gives Jackson the frisbee he found up there. Way to almost blow your cover, you dolt.

2. Cosmo went to TOWN on that couch

Can you blame him? He has to live with that family. It must be a nightmare. Max is afraid that he’ll be blamed for the puppy’s misbehaving, so Jackson teaches him how to lie (because, c’mon, what else are big brothers for?) and when DJ discovers the torn up couch, Max tries to pin it on baby Tommy. DJ, of course, doesn’t buy it and gives Max a very ominous warning that lies have a way of coming around and biting you on the ass. Obviously, she didn’t use that terminology, but you get the idea.

3. Ugh, more on the nose commentary about the show

Bob Saget is talking about doing a reunion episode of the show he co-hosted for twenty years. I don’t know what it’s called, so don’t ask. Kimmy, in a moment of stunning clarity, says “Isn’t it kinda sad when they drag out the old cast for some lame reunion show?” To which Bob Saget gives her dagger eyes and replies, “Not when the show’s adored by millions, and the stars are beloved cultural icons.” Ugh. Give me a BREAK. How many times does this show have to wink at the audience?


4. Bob Saget REALLY likes that couch

Steph catches ol’ Saggy taking selfies on the couch, a decidedly depressing look for him. When he found out that the couch got tore up, he almost has a meltdown and begs them not to get it reupholstered. But when he sees how it looks exactly the same as before, he practically jumps for joy. He loves that couch so much, Steph even turns the used fabric into a sports jacket for him. Spoiler: it looks very bad on him.

5. Max knows how to throw some shade

Max, for some reason, has about eight of his friends hanging out in his room. Apparently, one of his friends is about to have a dope ass birthday party that they’re all invited to. Max mentions in passing that his dad was a firefighter and proudly shows a picture of his brother and his dad on a firetruck. His friends are all duly impressed. Of course, the kid whose birthday is coming up, is not to be outdone. He brags that his dad is an airline pilot. This leads to a game of oneupmanship that eventually gets Max into the lie that he’ll be riding a firetruck to the kids birthday party. But before that, the other kid brags about his dad drinking beer (for some reason) and Max responds by saying, “Your dad sounds like a real boozer.” OHHHHHH SNAP. Max know how to get it done.

6. That fire chief is the living worst

Max, Jackson and ol’ Saggy go down to the fire station to ask the chief if Max can borrow a firetruck to impress a kid (because what else are they for?). But apparently the old chief is retired, the one that knew the kids dad. The new guy does know ol’ Saggy, though, but only because the chief was supposed to perform on his show ages ago and he got bumped. We find out later that the chief lets them use one of the trucks because ol’ Saggy allows him a spot on their show (which he cuts out later, basically welching on their agreement) which means this chief is straight-up corrupt.

7. The death of Max and Jackson’s father looms large

This is the first episode that really delves into the absence of the boy’s father, who died tragically while fighting a fire. It’s dealt with in a sort of odd way here, though. There seems to be no sadness about his death. Everyone seems a little bummed out, but it’s not the end of the world for them. Maybe that’s supposed to be the point. They all go forward, missing him but still strong. I suppose that could be the case. It comes off slightly callous though, as if his death hasn’t really affected them that much.


8. Matt and DJ mack

Finally. DJ and Matt stay late to do inventory and they end up kissing. A lot. So, hooray, I guess. Bad news for Steve, but as I’ve said before, he’s a creep so who cares? Matt is much better for her anyway.

9. Uhm. Aunt Steph made weed brownies

Hell. Yes. When both Kimmy and DJ come into the kitchen with “big, goofy grins,” Steph’s immediate response is “You guys didn’t find my brownies, did you?” WHAT. YES. Steph made pot brownies. She is way too cool for this show. PLEASE show me an episode where everybody accidentally eats the brownies and get BLAZED OUT OF THEIR MINDS.

10. Can we talk about how Max probably just ruined his friend’s birthday party?

So, as I mentioned, the chief changes his mind and lets Max take the fire truck to his friend’s party. The last thing we see is the truck pulling up to the party, which looks like a lot of fun, and all the kids cheer and pile into the truck and drive away. Roll credits. End of episode. Uhm, that’s pretty shitty. The kids were in a game of brinksmanship. That means the birthday boy got all of his birthday attention diverted from him onto Max and the truck. The day has become about Max, not about his friend. That poor kid. He just wanted everyone to like him. But no, it had to all be about Max. Max ruined that kid’s birthday. And we’re supposed to be celebrating that? And on top of that, Max is rewarded for lying and eventually gets away with it! C’mon, Fuller House, get it together.



Deals with complex issue of death fairly well

Steph makes pot brownies

– Irritating self-referencing commentary

– Fernando remains an annoying presence

– Max ruined that kid’s party, and we’re supposed to be cheering


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