Steve Austin Believes Roman Reigns Is “going to have to go through a heel run”, Compares to The Rock



During the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show (transcript credit, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke with Vince Russo and also gave his advice for Roman Reigns. Here are highlights:

On Reigns needing a heel run: “When Rocky Maivia came in, he was a white meat babyface with the streamers and got over bad and dude got booed out of the building, ‘Die Rocky Die’ chants. Put him in the Nation [of Domination and] boom! He ousted Faarooq. He became the focal piece of that faction. Then, all of a sudden, we know the rest. He had one of the greatest runs in the history of the [professional wrestling] business. But he had to be hated first before he was universally loved. And I keep saying that Roman’s going to have to go through a heel run before he is going to be universally loved.”

On his advice for Roman Reigns: “With respect to Roman Reigns, dude, you just got to go for it. I think you just throw caution to the wind and say, ‘what the f-?’, and just go for it. There’s not enough fire and it’s not just within his promo. I would dare say it’s also within his work, so, dude, just channel it out. And be offensive with it. That means, like [Vince Russo] said, be on offense. Don’t be on defense. Don’t be afraid. Just go out and do it.”

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