Davey Richards on TNA’s Concussion Policy, Kevin Owens/Jim Cornette Feud


Davey Richards did an AMA recently and answered a variety of questions. Check out a couple of excerpts:

On TNA’s concussion protocol: “TNA is VERY strict on any talent receiving any type of concussions. I’m a big medical science nerd and I will certainly get myself tested, I get my hormones tested every three months which will show abnormalities of concussions. It’s why I’ve made a career outside of wrestling because its not worth dying over. I do like the science behind it and will have the test done.”

On Jim Cornette’s beef with Kevin Owens: “I don’t remember much about it, I was in school at the time and working for New Japan. As far as Jim as a guy, I always liked him. I’ve got nothing but respect for the guy now and we get along great.”

On what recipe is needed for TNA to succeed: “Specifically, I think all the ingredients are there. Judging by my opinion, we have a roster that can really grow. Less talk, more wrestling. But I’m always going to say that. We have a great roster and need to continue to grow homegrown talent from around the world.”

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