Lucha Underground S2 E8: Life After Death – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Fenix, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, Angelico, Mil Muertes, Catrina & Many More!

Muertes Catrina LU S2 E7

Tonight is the night, Believers!  Fenix will turn in his Gift of the Gods Championship for the chance to become the next Lucha Underground Champion in tonight’s main event with current LU Champion Mil Muertes!  Catrina’s Disciples of Death will also defend their Tag Team Trios Championship titles in a tag match with The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico!  Will The Unlikely Trio hit the high road – or will they and Fenix overthrow the Temple’s current rulers?  We’ll find out tonight on the all-new episode at 8 P.M. EST, only on El Rey Network!

Unlikely Trio LU S2 E6

Also, don’t forget that Texano Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. will go at it again tonight in a Bullrope Match! Don’t miss the continuation of one of the longest feuds in Lucha Underground history!  Will we see an update on Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan’s case against Dario Cueto?  What will happen The Crew and their alliance with Chavo Guerrero?  Perhaps we’ll see that tonight, as well!

Guerrero Texano Cortez LU S2 E6

Also, just a reminder that Aztec Warfare II is only ONE WEEK away!  Will we see two huge title changes tonight going into one of LU‘s biggest events of the season?  How about the wrath of other possible contenders for the LU Championship, such as Johnny Mundo, “The Machine” Brian Cage, Prince Puma, and Pentagon Junior?  Also, is Taya Valkyrie in good enough shape for a possible role in Aztec Warfare, after the ruthless beating she endured from her match with Cage last week?  And we can’t forget Mundo sacrificing Valkyrie to save himself towards the end of the match.

Catrina S2 E6

Tonight is going to be huge in determining what will happen next week.  Catrina could possibly use Mil to pursue the goal she put former Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno in line to do – kill Fenix.  And the Disciples of Death could possibly put an end to Ivelisse, who established a feud of sorts with Catrina and Mil in the season premiere.  If The Unlikely Trio wins the Trios titles tonight, and Fenix wins the LU Championship – things will only get more interesting.

Fenix LU S2 E7

And more violent, of course.

In the meantime before the new episode airs tonight, you can check out last’s week live coverage, and stay tuned for the full analysis of last week’s events!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Mil Muertes and Catrina at Austin Warfare last night!

Less than ten minutes!

8 P.M.!  Get psyched!

Dedication for Hayabusa appears on the screen.  Very classy, LU! #respect

Promo: Fenix and Catrina
We get a promo of Fenix in the locker room with his championship.  Catrina appears, saying that she’s tried everything to destroy him.  She desires his powers because she wants to live again, be a whole person. (Ghost boss lady = canon.)  She takes his hand and holds his head.  She wonders if she made the right choice in leaving Fenix.  They share a passionate kiss in the darkness.

It is their final kiss, the Kiss of Death, before Mil Muertes will destroy him once and for all.

We’re back in Boyle Heights.  Time for the…

Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championship
The Disciples of Death (c) vs. The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico
If The Unlikely Trio does that win, they will have to leave the Temple. ;(

Here we go!  The six brawl!  Ivelisse slaps Siniestro de la Muerte!  Lots of unity and an angular assault on all three Disciples by the Trio.

Ivelisse kicks Trece.

Barrio Negro pulls Angelico out of the ring.  Trece flies from the ropes onto Ivelisse.  He covers her but she kicks out.  Angelico is knocked out outside of the ring. Siniestro de la Muerte sends Ivelisse into the ropes and preforms a clothesline.  Cheers for Ivelisse from the crowd!  The Disciples are focusing their attacks on her lower body due to her past injuries there.

Siniestro puts her in a headlock.  She kicks him repeatedly in the head!  Angelico and Havoc are in the corner, waiting for a tag.  Ivelisse reverses from a deadly attack!  Dropkick by Ivelisse!  She tags Havoc! Clothesline by Havoc!  He knocks out two Disciples at once!  Siniestro is in now.  Angelico is tagged.  Lots of counters by Angelico!  Impressive.  He enjoys the cheers from the crowd.

The Trio land on each Disciple from out of the ring!

They’re back in now.  Son of Havoc is attacked by Barrio outside of the ring after an incident with Catrina.

Angelico almost gets the titles! Fall of the Angels!

Almost.  Son of Havoc leaps onto Trece!  Angelico goes for the pin on Trece – one.  Two. Three!  They’ve got it!

Winners and your new LU Tag Team Trios Champions: The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!  Prince Puma is training.  Mundo comes in – ‘sup, Amigo?  He trains with Puma.  He took it too easy on Puma last year – but this year, it’s straight to Slam Town.  Mundo is being Mundo.

We cut to Rey Mysterio having a beverage.  Dragon Azteca comes in – Rey wanted to see him.  Azteca’s training is complete.  Mysterio has something for him, first – a letter.  An invitation to the Temple to compete in Aztec Warfare II.  Will Mysterio go with him?  YES!!!

Azteca isn’t the only one with something to prove.

We cut to commercial.  Also check out a sponsor of LU!

We’re back!  It’s time for the…

Singles Bullrope Match: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Texano, Jr.
Guerrero is already in his corner.  Texano, the longest-reigning Champ in history, is facing off with him.

Here we go!  The two grip their ropes.  Guerrero begins to argue with The Crew and the ref.  He wants The Crew to do the work for him.  We’ve seen this before…

The Crew leaves the arena.  Texano is enjoying this.

Chavo does a clothesline!  Texano slaps Chavo several times.  He has him locked in the ropes.  He strangles Chavo with the rope!  Chavo’s getting a beating.  He’s thrown out of the ring!  Texano joins him.  He tries to slap him with a cowbell, but misses.  He successful in the tries after that, though.

Chavo goes back in the ring and tugs at the rope, sending Texano into the post.

Chavo whips Texano with the rope outside of the ring.  Chavo throws Texano into floor seats!  Cheers for Texano as he gets to his feet. They’re back in the ring.  Texano is suffering over the ropes.  Chavo strangles him with the rope!

Texano keeps selling the life being sucked out of him.  Chavo is in the electric chair position on Texano’s shoulders, still strangling him, but Texano sends him down.

Texano now has momentum!  He clotheslines Chavo.

Texano tugs the rope into Chavo’s groin!  Ouch.  Texano sends him down.

He goes for the pin but Chavo kicks out.  Texano is in the corner.  Texano reverses and slaps Chavo on top of the turnbuckle!  They’re both facing off.

Texano is sent down from the turnbuckle.  Chavo goes for a frog splash, but Texano pulls a powerbomb on Chavo!

He pins him!  One, two, three!

Winner via pinfall: Texano, Jr.

Cheers for Texano from the crowd!  He whips Chavo with the rope while he’s down!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!  We’re backstage.  Mil Muertes is full of rage at the Disciples.  He sends them flying.

Catrina escorts Mil to the Temple ring.  Okay, did they just kill off the Disciples?

We cut to a promo with Dario Cueto, 375 miles from Boyle Heights.  There’s a fight going on.  Black Lotus is there, too.  Cueto smiles.  He thinks this is going to work.  Where to next, Black Lotus?

He has a key around his neck.  He opens the door behind him, into His Temple.  OMG MATANZA???  Can it be?!

He’s covered in blood.  Cueto looks at him…

We cut to the Temple!  The crowd wants more lucha!  Striker gives us another reminder that NEXT WEEK is AZTEC WARFARE II!

And, without further ado, our main event!  It’s up next, after this commercial!  Catrina gives a lucky Believer something to believe…

We’re back!  It’s time!!!

Main Event – Lucha Underground Championship Singles Match: Mil Muertes (c) vs. Fenix
Mil knocks Fenix down!  He’s got him in his grip!  Fenix flips out of the delivery of the Fist of 1000 Deaths!

Dropkick by Fenix!!  Fenix kicks him in the gut.  Fenix tries to create space but fails.  Mil is just full of hate.  Mil grips Fenix but Fenix flips out of it.  He slaps Mil!  He uses the ropes to land into Mil!  Another dropkick!

Mil gets back on his feet.  He sends Fenix over the ropes but he’s not down quite yet.  Mil runs into Fenix out of the ring!  “Holy shit” cheers from the Believers!  So that’s what a jumbo jet looks like when it hits a mountain…

They’re back in the ring.  Fenix is a ragdoll.  But he comes back with a blow to the face to Mil!  Fenix flies but he’s caught in mid-air!

Mil goes for the pin but he kicks out!  Fenix suffers and Mil looks around.  He grips Fenix!  He tries to rip off his mask!  What a jerk.

Mil and Fenix are between the ropes.  Fenix is hanging on to life.  Fenix comes back with another kick, sending Mil off the apron!  Cheers for Fenix from the crowd.  He’s on his feet, about to leap onto Mil… But Mil hits him!

OMG his mask his falling off!  His head has a huge wound.  Catrina’s enjoying it.

DDT by Mil.  He soaks in his bloodstained canvas with boos from the crowd.  He gets a chair and tosses it out of the ring.  He grabs Fenix and into the backstage of the Temple, and into the audience!  Mil delivers more violence among the Believers.  Fenix begins to fight back!  Blow for blow, shot for shot.  He’s on the balcony gate, preparing to fly… But Mil prevents that from happening.

Fenix stands up again, and leaps onto Mil!  Mil is down!

Mil grabs Fenix and slams him into the announce table!  They fight on it!  He slams Fenix repeatedly into the table!  He drags him back into the ring.  Cheers for Fenix from the crowd!  Catrina delivers a kiss to Mil as a reward, which may affect him for the rest of the match.

Fenix is still alive.  He’s on the move and gives Mil a kick.  Sometimes you need to be dragged through Hell to reach Heaven!  Fenix leaps for it onto Mil!  He tries to tear off Mil’s mask!!!  The Believers are crazy!

Mil spears Fenix and brawls on top of him!  One of the most violent main events so far this season, for sure!

Mil gets another chair from under the ring.  He brings Fenix to his feet.  He delivers blow after blow to Fenix.  Fenix hits Mil with the chair!  Bloodcurdling screams from the audience!  Mil is down!

Fenix gets to his feet as the ref checks on Mil.

Fenix creates space.  He counters Mil’s attempts!  Down goes Mil once again!  Fenix flies from the turnbuckles and pins him, but Mil kicks out at 2!

Fenix’s mask is almost entirely off!  Fenix can barely stand!  Mil brings down Fenix, pins him, but the bird kicks out!  “This is awesome!”

Fenix kicks Mil!  Down he goes!  Fenix goes for a suplex!  HOW?!  Holy crap, he does it!

Fenix pins Mil but he kicks out once again.  Fenix is on the turnbuckle, but Mil slaps him, but he stays up! Mil gets up with him and delivers a neckbreaker.  Fenix is barely moving.  Mil is standing.  He grips Fenix, bringing him up. Flatliner?!  Boos from the crowd… Fenix reverses!  He goes for the pin!  One, two, three!

Winner via pinfall and your new Lucha Underground Champion: Fenix!!!

Catrina joins Mil in the ring.  Fenix celebrates with the crowd.

Catrina speaks on the mic – she tells him to celebrate while he can, because Aztec Warfare II will be for the Lucha Underground Championship!  He will fight him again next week!  Death is coming for everyone. God help us all – but next is the episode replay!  Enjoy Believers, and see you at Aztec Warfare II!

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