Abyss Comments On TNA Career, Decay Faction, Using Marilyn Manson Theme Music



Abyss recently spoke with The Huffington Post, here are the highlights…

On Using Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Nobodies’: “Billy Corgan has been a big catalyst. He’s taken it under his wing. He went to Marilyn Manson for us, for the company, and secured the rights to ‘The Nobodies’ — the music we’re using — which I think is huge.”

On The Decay: “It is different than anything else happening on the show. It’s a newer edge, but it’s been really cool so far.”

Thoughts on His Career: “There’s no doubt about it; I’ve had a terrific career. There’s no regrets. I’ve been with IMPACT since the very beginning, and I think I’m more proud of that than anything else in my career. Longevity in this industry is something to really be proud of, and I am.”