Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 2 “Dogs To A Gunfight”


Welcome back to the Daredevil Season 2 recaps. Let’s dive right into the action, because the show sure as hell is.

Spoilers ahoy.

We start with Foggy in the hospital after the shooting trying to find Karen and apparently having just gotten her on the phone. She hasn’t seen Matt, and Foggy hangs around outside nervously until he overhears reports of shots heard shortly after the hospital shooting on a nearby rooftop. He cons his way into getting buzzed in at two apartment buildings so he can check rooftops and on the second try he finds Matt, barely conscious and spitting up blood. And thus ends the cold open.

After the opening credits, Matt wakes up bloodied in his apartment with Foggy scolding him for yet again nearly dying doing the vigilante thing. They argue back and forth with Matt wanting to styay involved and Foggy insisting he needs to rest. Foggy seems to win and convinces Matt to let him and the DA help the survivor and to stay home and rest.

At the police station the survivor admits he’d heard rumours that it was just one man hitting the mobs, but didn’t believe it because of how many men were being slaughtered all at once and the navy seal like precision the hits were done with. Foggy and his sort-of cop friend talk and the DA’s office turns out to have already known about the new vigilante. The cop blames Daredevil for him, saying how a lot of copycats the cops call Devil Worshippers have been inspired by DD, but this new guy is the first effective one.

Matt is trying his best to rest and recover but his headwound from the gunshot hitting his helmet is fucking with his senses, and everything sounds heavily amplified, causing him to break a glass and have a panic attack. He collapses against a wall trying to calm himself down. Foggy meanwhile is talking to the DA, who mistakenly assume that since he and Matt take on good clients and get paid in food that he’s a naive idiot they can steamroll so she can take credit for any arrests made on the survivor’s testimony. She makes a veiled threat about favours from the DA’s office being granted or withheld based on him recusing himself. Foggy shuts her right the f**k down by calling the US Attorney’s office, citing jurisdiction laws from memory. The DA backs down, and tries to play hardball a different way. They talk to the survivor and threaten to let him go knowing the killer will get him. And just to make sure we all know what a huge bitch we’re meant to take this DA as, she insinbuates the killer will probably kill his lawyers too. The assistant DA finally names the killer as The Punisher for the first time onscreen.

Speaking of our good Mister Castle, we switch to him talking to a pawnbroker and buying illegal weapons from him after convinmcing him to drop his “why that’s illegal sir” bs and sell him guns. He buys the guns and is about to leave but the idiot at the counter makes the mistake of offering him other illegal stuff, including a 12 year old girl to have sex with. I’ll just go ahead and assume you can guess how that ends for him.

Foggy and Karen are back at the office, and Karen is studying the morgue reports of Castle’s victims. She’s starting to wonder if she’s cursed and bringing all this misfortune onto them somehow. Foggy tries in vain to reassure her how lucky she really is, and leaves her alone to go buy her a coffee. Karen shows up at Matt’s place and after a few knocks snaps him out of his zoned out state. She’s tired of being used as target practice and came to vent. She thinks he’s an alcoholic because that’s how Foggy covers for his injuries and she wants him to confide in her. He manages to sidestep that conversation and asks her how the meeting with the DA went. She fills him in, especially on the DA’s doucheyness and on her plan to have their witness wear a wire and talk to a bigger fish. She also thinks maybe Foggy’s cop friend was right and that maybe Daredevil opened the door for the Punisher to exist. She leaves after telling Matt she cares about him.

DD visits the guy who made his suit to get the helmet repaired. The guy is nervous about the damage done to the helmet and worries DD will get hurt. DD promises him he’ll be careful. He then goes to the crime scene of the Irish mob slaughter looking for anything that can help him find the Punisher.

He finds fresh blood on the floor and follows the trail outside. He uses his other senses to follow a police radio he can hear to an apartment building nearby. He breaks into an apaartment to find an injured pitbull, which was at the scene of the slaughter and apparently rescued by someone.

The Dogs of Hell, the Biker gang that was also hit, is about to break astolen truck down for parts at a chop shop when guess who shows up and obliterates them all. Matt is back at Punisher’s apartment checking out his arsenal and listening to the police radio. He hears something that alarms him and he leaves. Foggy and Karen meanwhile are with the survivor as he gets set up with the wire. They’re trying to reassure him that this is his best shot to get Witness Protection. He thanks Karen and goes off to try to catch a mob boss admitting to drug-running.

Cameras watch the survivor enter the warehouse yard where he’s meeting the dealer, unaware he’s been played. Poor bastard is being used as bait for the Punisher, and it’s bait he takes. But it’s also bait he knew was bait, as he rigs a semi to crash the yard whilst he perches atop a nearby water tower with a rifle. DD shows up and uses one of his own smoke grenades to distract him and gets into it. The douchey DA orders the cops to take the shot even though DD is in the line of fire. DD knocks them both through a rooftop window to get them out of the gunfire. They both slowly get up, bloodied and injured, and circle each other, as DD’s ears ring. Foggy meanwhile runs off like an idiot to see if Matt’s okay. As he and some cops get to the rooftop, looking down through the window, both men are gone.

Credits roll, on to episode 3!

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