The Clashy Ring Attire Wrestlemania Review #27


joelJoel: This WrestleMania was not good and it’s The Rock’s fault. I don’t know if there’s another time where the failure of an entire WrestleMania can so clearly be attributed to a single wrestler. But there’s no way around it, having The Rock on this show made the whole thing worse. The problem came with the fact that we were never really clear what the “host” of WrestleMania was supposed to do. He came out to hype up the crowd, but we all knew at that point that he was going to confront Cena at some point here, that’s what we were all waiting for. And so, Rock hangs like a shadow over the whole show as we wait for the final match of the night.
Even watching it again, knowing how everything is going to end The Rock hosting never works quite right on this show, and makes everything that isn’t a match feel a little bit more awkward.
Not that the matches on this card are anything impressive. I only ended up liking one match and that was the Orton vs. CM Punk match, which is almost hidden in the middle of the card. Everything else was forgettable (Remember The Corre had a match on this show?), embarrassing (everything about the announcer’s table match), or just outright bad.
And we end the show in what may be the crappiest main event shenanigans since WrestleMania IX. The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth.

kueKue: Ah, infamous 27. The appropriately panned event had so much hype, yet delivered almost nothing beyond a bunch of WTFs. Rhodes/Mysterio and Orton/Punk were great matches. And Snooki hit one impressive move. Everything else was lackluster at best.
The main event was such a clusterfuck, to say the least. But in hindsight, it seemed like an appropriate culmination of years of shitty booking and content, leading to this atrocious exclamation point. I enjoy the Rock. You can even call me a Rock mark. But this made me wish he wasn’t involved in Mania at all.
By the way, Cole/Lawler was the most horrible piece of hot garbage I’ve ever seen on any Mania. And I hate everyone involved at least a little bit for it (yes, even Austin).
Now, get this shit off of my TV.

chrisSanders: This Wrestlemania was why I was concerned for Wrestlemania 30 when they announced Hulk Hogan was going to be the host because WWE was fixated on their concept of what a guest host was which included forcing said host into just about every backstage segment between matches and involved in at least one match. Raws with guest hosts were spotty at best and utilizing that at Wrestlemania 27 was so awful that not even The Rock’s charisma could save it. Because that formula led to a Wrestlemania that featured more “other stuff” than actual wrestling (not kidding, the actual ratio is embarrassing). The Rock was given the top of the show and he conducted a 30 minute pep rally that was just him telling the audience what to chat. I will say this, the Wrestlemania staging seems to matter a lot to me, apparently, and for some reason this particular stage really impressed me for both being simple and yet staggeringly impressive by the size of it, the uphill ramp was a cool change of pace. None of the matches outside of a couple really stood out as anything special. Sure, Randy and CM Punk put on probably the best match but even that seemed to be on par with a good Raw match. I can’t even say that I liked an entire segment in the show, I’m really only comfortable identifying the moments that I enjoyed. The Corre match was an embarrassment and only done to get more wrestlers on the card somehow and all it did was point out how it was kind of a shame that Nexus had been such a big part of the WWE storyline for so much of the year leading up to WM27 and then not be part of the show. Also, Kane doing the trombone Satino celebration looks a bit goose-steppy. Don’t even get me started on the Old King/Cole match, it’s an abomination. The entrances for the Undertaker/HHH match was probably my favorite thing about the entire show, too bad the Network cut out the Metallica song for HHH’s intro and cut out the Johnny Cash song from Taker’s. Aside from that, something felt about about that match but I did like the spinebuster onto the spanish announce table. Oh god, I always forget Snooki was in this show. And as far as the main event goes, Miz’s video package is probably still the best thing WWE has ever produced and it sucks it was wasted on such a lackluster show. And then Cena’s entrance was just awful because he panders to the Southern Baptist aspect with the choir and then debuts a new shirt design/color that seems very “star and bars” (which is code for the Confederate flag, for all of the non-Southern US readers). The match was okay and the bump Miz took on the concrete was brutal and impressive he continued doing what he did with what looked like a significant concussion. The Rock stuff was just unnecessary and yet we knew it was coming. Matter of fact, most of us had tuned out because it was all just a waiting game until Rock inevitably came in to interfere. What a crap show.

bo rida for bdBD: Man, these are not getting any easier. WM27 sucked, there really is on way of getting around this. Even the dark show had Shaemus beating Daniel Bryan (no, not that one, that one is next year) and Great Khali eliminated Shaemus in the battle royal that resulted from the match. How did that happen? I don’t know. And I’m not looking it up. On the main card, WWE thought that because Rock was in one very well-received 18-minute segment on RAW 20 years ago that they could just give him the mic for 18 minutes anytime and it would be good. They were wrong. Rock is like a flexing cheerleader most of the time now, and it’s not like he’s delivered his best work since he returned part time, which was around the time of this show. Edge beat Alberto Del Rio in his last match, which was not very good. Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio in a match that is as good as any match with Cody Rhodes in it can be. Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston defeated The Corre, which was comprised of all the worst members of Nexus (which is all the members of Nexus not named Daniel Bryan.) Randy Orton beat CM Punk in the match of the night, but it still was not very good. Then we had WWE’s first-ever live-action on-screen abortion when Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler gave birth to their epic encounter. Undertaker and HHH had a match which is one of the most over-rated matches I’ve seen in the modern era (until they would repeat this outing next year), and John Morrison, Trish Stratus and someone named Nicole Pollzzi (I can’t even remember) beat LayCool and Dolph Ziggler. I don’t even remember that one so I’m sure it was fantastic. The main event… is one of the worst WrestleMania main events possible. The Miz is a horrible wrestler and should never have been anywhere near the same event. I said this at the time, the majority of people disagreed with me, and I said you’d all figure it out in a few years time, and guess what? It’s a few years time and barely anyone can believe it happened. The Miz is a horrible wrestler and a VERY over-rate talker, the same as John Cena. The only positive thing I’ve ever heard about this match is the video package that Miz got beforehand (the Classy guys bring this up every goddamn chance they get) which, in case you’re wondering… no, it’s not part of the actual match. And the ending was atrocious. I’m not even typing what happened out.

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