Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 3 “New York’s Finest”

Spoilers ahoy as we get into episode 3.

Matt wakes up, apparently in church or a convent, as a nun who knows his name tends to his wounds, telling him to not get up. It’s just a dream though, as he wakes up for real chained to a bridge support post while the Punisher sips coffee and says Good Morning. And that’s our cold open. Best guess is that DD passed out from his ears ringing and Punisher ran off with him.

After the opening credits, the douchey DA and her assistant are touring the scene of her collossal, (and frankly illegal) f**k-up. Karen and Foggy call her out on her bullshit and she makes more threats to bury them if they tell anyone what she did. Foggy and Karen are not amused.

Punisher is, shock and awe, being a huge deluded arrogant dick taunting DD about shooting him while pulling bullets out of his own arm and stitching himself up. He also taunts DD about being chained up. DD tries to figurehim out, but PunPun just says he’s doing what’s required.

Foggy is at the hospital amidst a sea of injured crooks, looking for the Night Nurse. He finds her telling an injured goon to quit his bitching. He reminds her about their “mutual friend”.

Karen takes a call back at the office, and it’s Grotto, the Irish Mob survivor. He is understandably not happy about the DA’s bullshit, and he wants Karen to help, but since her idea of help isto go back to the police, he tells her where to go.

Back with DD and PunPun, Matt is still trying to talk to him, but Castle isn’t the talkative type. He’s trying to do the “you can just walk away, no one else has to die” schtick. You can guess how well that went.

Castle tells Matt to stop digging. Which of course he can’t. Matt talks about how New York is a part of it’s natives, until something chases them away, and he again tries to get Castle to give him something, anything. But Castle shuts him down by accusing him of hiding behind his mask. DD counters by guessing he lost someone and telling him boohoo we all have. He tells Castle no one has to die and Castle finally shows some emotion as they argue back and forth about who’s better and whose way works.

Foggy is hoping the Night Nurse knows where Matt is, but she hasn’t seen him nor does she want to. Shje’s been stuck with overtime from hell for helping out another friend of hers, most likely Luke Cage on Jessica Jones. She wishes Foggy well but can’t help him, and right then a handcuffed biker breaks free of his bed to go after a rival crook, attacking a cop in the process.

Back on the rooftop, Castle is trying to bullshit a nosy landlord out of coming up onto the roof, having threatened to kill the man if he sees DD. DD starts trying to break free of the chains again and Castle convinces the landlord to leave by citing his veteran status. They go back to arguing over whose way is right and I kinda wanna just ram their heads into each other. In the end, Matt calls Castle insane and Castle coldcocks him.

Karen pays the assistant DA a visit and vaguely threatens him by pointing out his boss’ long history of getting out of misconduct charges by throwing people in his office to the wolves. He angrily tells her he’s not taking her threat seriously but suspiciously leaves the DA’s file on the Punisher right there on his desk for her to steal as he leaves his office to go get security that he as easily could have just called. Foggy meanwhile uses his legal smarts to talk down the two crooks before they turn the emergency room into an even bigger bloodbath.

Back on the rooftop Frank drags Grotto out, and gives Matt a gun. He makes Grotto confess to killing an old lady who accidentally witnessed a mob hit then kinda proves he’s not sane by telling DD he either kills him, or he’ll kill Grotto. The Night Nurse meanwhile repays Foggy for his badassery stopping the fight by checking all local hospitals for anyone matching Matt’s description. Back on the rooftop Frank is still trying to force DD to choose, but DD takes a third option and shoots off his chains. He lunges at Castle but not in time to save Grotto, and he punches the crap out of Frank’s face, then goes to check on Grotto, which gives Frank time to get up and set off an explosion at a biker bar.

Karen is back at the office looking at crime scene photos, while Frank is aiming at bikers, but the bikers spot him and charge the building heading for the rooftop, whilst DD knocks him out to get him out of there. He takes out the bikers before they can beat up the landlord in another dark hallway fight after taking out a light. It’s another one single continuous shot sequence like his first fight with the Russians last year and it’s incredible. The longshot ends as he takes on the last 3 bikers, only to find Castle woke up in the elevator and escaped by blowing the back wall off. The episode ends with Karen discovering a large x-ray showing a skull with a bullet wound that looks an awful lot like one Frank is so fond of in the comics.

See you in a bit for episode 4!

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