Jim Ross Blog: Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle, Responds To Alligations of Heat With Buff Bagwell


Jim Ross had a new blog for the weekend, here are some highlights.

on Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle
Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle is going to be a 2X3 fall pro wrestling bout that should be extraordinary. Chael Sonnen vs UK’s Michael Bisping will be special as well and calling a Roy Jones, JR fight is exciting for me, too.


on URshow PPV
Excited to call pro wrestling, MMA, Grappling & pro boxing all in one, unpredictable night. Visit www.URshow.tv for all the card info and to order the PPV for only &11.99 plus it’s available on the FITE TV App. 

on Mark Bagwell
Getting inquiries about a recent Mark Bagwell interview about his less than positive experience in WWE and regarding me releasing him from his WWE contract in Atlanta before a broadcast. I had a job that was challenging especially when it concerned distributing less than positive news. I had to be the ‘bad cop’ in this matter and was simply following orders and doing my job. I did not and do not today hold any negative feelings toward Mark. I learned long ago that it wasn’t healthy for me to bring negative experiences forward. I wish Mark all the best and I am sincere in that statement.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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