Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 6 “Regrets Only”

As always, spoilers ahoy.

We open with a half dozen helmeted Yakuza on crotch rockets riding in sync through New York, stopping at Elektra’s building looking for “the hacker”. They get upstairs and get their asses thoroughly kicked by Matt and Elektra. She smiles at Matt and asks if he’s hungry. Cold open over.

After the credits, Elektra is pigging out at a diner while Matt is impatiently waiting. He gets fed up with her playing cutesy games and demands the truth, including how she knew he was Daredevil. She continues to dance around things and refuses to leave New York. She and Matt have a back and forth and her arrogance is staggering. He finally agrees to help her but oinly if no one dies.

At the office, a fresh out of night school public defender is trying to get Karen to sign a copy of her “statement” to the police. She refuses given it’s complete fiction. The whole mess results in Matt convincing Foggy that Karen is right, and they need to help Castle and find out what Reyes is hiding. On that note they go to the hospital to see him, hoping to keep him from getting the death penalty.

The trio speak to Frank and let him know his options are limited and they want to get to the bottom of things, after convincing Foggy’s now-a-detective cop friend to let them in. Reyes shows up to kibosh it but her threats are again met with Foggy’s legal knowledge and Castle agrees to hire them as his lawyers. They go to a private room to start talking strategy when a car service arrives for Matt from Elektra, with her driver insisting that she insists he come. He irritatedly covers with a “new client scheduled a meeting” lie and after some awkwardness he leaves.

Elektra is waiting in the car still playing her silly games trying to have fun with Matt and he’s not amused. He reminds her he’s only doing this to keep his friends safe and get her out of his life and needs to know every detail of her plan. Her silly blase facade drops a little and she seems for a split second genuinely hurt to be reminded how much Matt actually hates her despite her constantly acting like he “obviously” wants her back.

Foggy and Karen get ready to talk to Frank, but Frank just wants to talk to Karen. He tells her what he can remember about the day his family died, and she tells him the lie Reyes is selling. Matt and Elektra meanwhile attend a society function to get a security keycard from an accountant. Security is tighter than Elektra thought, and Matt has to pull a “clumsy blind guy” improv to give them a shot a getting him alone. Back at the hospital Frank is reassuring Karen she was in no danger the night he shot up the hospital. He starts talking about his kids and Karen sees his lost human side. She tells him what she saw in his house, as he never went back there himself. She gives him the family photo she took from his house, and he thanks her for helping him remember, and is finally ready to answer her questions.

Matt finds the accountant in the bathroom and knocks him out to get his card. He and Elektra go to the elevator and get ready, planting devices to erase security footage and loop the cameras. Meanwhile Frank blindsides Foggy by pleading not guilty and swearing Reyes will burn with him. Matt and Elektra continue to Sam Fisher around the Roxxon building while the Japanese man in charge begins to wonder where the accountant is. Matt cracks the safe Elektra’s targeting and she finds what she wanted isn’t there. (as an aside, I want to slap them for stupidly leaving fingerprints everywhere). Matt discovers a secret space and security has discovered both the accountant and the camera looping. They kill power to the 13th floor and we get a really cool if slightly headache inducing shadow strobe fight. Security is still looking for them so they pass themselves off as having drunken sex in an 11th floor office, which security buys when Matt’s dead eyes don’t react to their flashlight.

They escape with Roxxon’s illegal business ledger and find one part is in code. The Japanese boss guy meanwhile is interrogating the accountant.

Matt comes home to find Foggy waiting for him. He hopes Matt can clear his schedule because the People Versus Frank Castle starts next week.

See you shortly for episode 7.

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