Ethan Carter 3 Pens Message about TNA Lockerroom

During the latest set of TNA Impact tapings, Ethan Carter 3 posted an interesting message about the TNA lockerrom.

Here is the message:
A former champion looks up to see he’s in a locker room amidst a current champion, a talent on the rise, and two individuals who just seized an opportunity.

Five men who shared the same dream, only to see it become variations of a nightmare.

Different paths paved with drive and the best intentions that led to the one same source of negativity. A literal human embodiment of disdain.

Fast forward. Now. All five men smiling. Happy. Laughing it off. Bonded by pursuing their passion as hard as they can. An environment that has rewarded their diligence.

I can’t speak for them all but if they are like me, it’s safe to say they are driven.

I know I am. Not more than ever. The same. The same as I will always be.

Do not take yourself out of the game.

You will trip, you will fall, you will suffer setbacks and you will sure as hell fail. Get up, dust yourself off, try again. Do not take no for answer.

Hold onto your angst if need be. Ride it. Take it to where you want to go. When you get there, succeed. Succeed with humility. If you want more, do it again.

You’re not the words someone uses to define you.

You are you. Be the best you you can be.


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