Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 7 “Semper Fidelis”

Spoilers ahoy as always.

We open with jury selection for Frank’s trial, and potential jurors are either disgusted by Castle’s existence or they think he’s a hero. After over 400 potentials our heroes and DA Reyes finally agree on jurors so the trial can start. The cold open ends with Frank being walked into court.

Off the credits Karen is trying to sort through the case files while Foggy and Matt argue pros and cons of an insanity plea. Matt thinks arguing PTSD due to his service is a better route, with the goal being to keep him out of general population in prison, and Karen goes to visit Frank. Frank doesn’t want to go the PTSD route, claiming he doesn’t have it and it’s an insult to those who do have it. Reluctantly Frank tells her who to call as a character witness when she says if he doesn’t meet her halfway she can’t find out why his family died.

Elektra calls Matt as he rehearses an opening statement, being her usual demanding self. She found someone who can translate the coded part of the ledger and wants to get to him before anyone can get to him first so no one can use him. Matt tries to blow her off but she insists.

We switch to a really creepy racist rich guy with a fetish for Asian women treating a pair of Japanese sex workers like shit while waving a big roll of bills in their faces and my blood boils. After the sex workers leave Matt and Elektra show up. They beat a translation out of him and find themselves headed to intercept a train at a station.

Foggy and Karen talk about what motivates Frank and how to catch the medical examiner lying about his family’s deaths. The train yard is seemingly a trap for Matt and Elektra but they handle themselves well enough. More Japanese goons show up but they at best only graze the pair. Matt takes her to his place to stitch her up.They ask each other about their scars and how they explain them. She gets way too touchy feely with the scars, until he mentions the ones Nobu caused last season.She knows who that was, and she finally has an honest conversation with him about why she left.

The next morning he rushes off to court and she says she’ll look into the shipments. He indeed is late, and it looks as if he’ll be too late to give opening statement, leaving Foggy bordering on panic as he fears he may have to give the opening statement. And his fears are realized, and he does the best he can. Matt shows up in time to catch the last half of it, and promises to help them trip up the corrupt medical examiner. He and Karen eat take-out at his place as they plan for tomorrow. They have a deep heart to heart talk about whether or not Frank’s way is right.

After Karen leaves. Elektra comes out of Matt’s bedroom and mocks his love life. Matt shuts her down, and he sends her on her way, standing his ground about the trial being his priority. So she screws him by threatening his witness, getting the ME’s entire testimony thrown out.  He and Foggy have a huge fight in the men’s room when Matt comes clean about Elektra and Foggy is tired of Matt lying to him. Karen confronts him too but he blows her off nd goes to confront Elektra, who justifies her stunt by claiming she wanted to help him so he could focus on helping her. They spit a little anger at each other but ultimately he helps her take down some goons and check out a warehouse. They find nothing there, no drugs, no weapons, until Matt hears something odd, and they find a huge ridiculously deep hole. Wondering why the Yakuza would dig a hole, Matt tosses Elektra’s flashlight down. 30 seconds later he’s still waiting to hear it hit bottom.

And that ends Episode 7. See you later for episode 8.

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