WWE Wrestlemania 32: Interesting Note On April/May WWE Advertising Could Reveal Storyline Direction [Spoilers]


One of the top matches for WWE Wrestlemania 32 is a Hell in a Cell match between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker.

In the match, if Shane is the winner, he gets control of Monday Night Raw. One would assume that if he had control of Raw, he would have Vince and Stephanie removed from the show.

However, that does not appear to be in the plans.

Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and HHH are being advertised for Raw shows on 4/11, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9 and 5/23. In theory, that would mean that HHH & Stephanie aren’t getting “fired” in storyline, but it really doesn’t mean that necessarily either.

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