Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 8 “Guilty As Sin”

As always, spoilers ahoy.

So the flashlight finally hits bottom and Matt estimates that the hole is probably 40 stories deep. Right about then they both end up dodging a pair of shuriken, and ninjas come at them. Matt has to listen for the sound of their katanas, because they’re neither breathing nor have heartbeats he can track. Elektra gets badly injured and Matt is about to follow her when Stick returns out of nowhere and saves their asses. Cold open ends.

After the credits Stick is somehow driving while blind amidst ninjas chasing them down abnormally empty New York streets. They lose the ninjas and go to Matt’s place where Stick contacts a really nasty home remedy to deal with the poison flooding Elektra’s system. Matt’s concern for Elektra suggests he may still have feelings for her after ll, and Stick reveals he knows Elektra, and Matt is pissed off that someone’s keeping secrets from him. Imagine that. Poor guy. I feel so bad for him.

*adjusts painting on wall, stares blankly*

The next day at court, Foggy and Karen are nervous, since Matt hasn’t shown up. Foggy brings in his character witness, Castle’s former C.O. in the marines. He talks about Castle saving his entire unit after his commander made a bad call. DA Reyes salivates over the chance to discredit him as heresay but he happily admits he IS the commander who f**ked up and that he owes Castle his life. She’s embarassed and it looks good on her.

Back at Matt’s place he demands answers from Stick about “the war” he’s always talking about. Stick finally tells him about The Hand, their history, their goals, their unholy powers of immortality. Stick tells him everything, but Matt is still skeptical. He says Elektra works for him.

Back at court, Foggy is questioning an exert in brain injuries about the effects of Castle’s brain injury resulting from the bullet to the head he took. Reyes tries to object but Foggy shuts her down and the judge allows it. Then a kid in the seating area bursts out angrily about not caring why Castle killed, he still killed his father and he hates him. The kid is escorted from court and Karen talks to Castle in private during a recess. Frank shows the first signs of actual remorse, having seen finally the real collateral damage of his actions. He thinks he’s a monster. Karen convinces him to take the stand. Foggy agrees but only if Matt does the questioning.

Elektra is awake, and apologizes to Matt about keeping her relationship with Stick as his student a secret. She admits she broke a promise to Stick by falling in love with Matt. Stick eavesdrops as they talk, and Matt tries to convince her to walk away from Stick’s war and stop the killing. He still doesn’t believe Stick’s story, despite having almost been killed by ninjas with no heartbeats and I kinda want to punch him. Karen abruptly shows up, not even caring why he has an old blind guy and a bloodied up woman in his place, she insists he be at court tomorrow to do the exam for Castle.

Matt does indeed show up and Foggy chews him out. He wants Matt to put the hell he’s put him and Karen through to good use and use his own knowledge as a vigilante to good use so they can make Frank look just crazy enough to be committed. Matt agrees, if reluctantly. Matt takes an interesting tack by talking about how the city needs a hero who takes the fight into their own hands, but Castle went too far, and needs help. Castle keeps nervously staring at one bailiff and he freaks out on the stand, basically claiming he killed because he loves it and ruining his case. Matt guesses someone got to Frank but Foggy and Karen blame Matt and they’re both done with his shit.

Back at Matt’s place Elektra tells Stick she wants to stay with Matt and try things his way. Stick says Matt is soft and he’ll make Elektra soft, and tells her even she doesn’t know how much he’s been protecting her from. She tells him to leave. Stick does so, and tells a man in a waiting car they need to get the band back together, as a Hand ninja silently watches from a neighbouring rooftop.

Matt and Elektra have a heart to heart, about their feelings, about choices, about making things work. Matt goes to get a drink and an arrow pierces his shoulder. He dodges a second one and gets in a fight with the Ninja from the rooftop. Matt overpowers him eventually and he’s just a kid. Elektra slits his throat to protect them, knowing if Matt lets him go to warn the others. She tells Matt this is who she is, does he still want her. And that’s when Matt appears to start having a seizure.

Castle is in prison and the Bailiff he was staring at takes him to the exercise yard. And guess who’s there waiting to talk to him? If you guessed Wilson Fisk? You get a prize!


See you in a bit for episode 9!

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