Eric Young Talks About TNA Departure – “Things don’t end because they were good”

Eric Young appeared on Busted Open Live this afternoon. Busted Open tweeted these highlights from the interview:

on leaving TNA:
Things don’t end because they were good…Things weren’t what they were supposed to be… It has nothing to do with feeling stale for me. For me, it was just time to move on… Sometimes the problems of the wrestling business get in the way of wrestling.

on his future after TNA:
Whether I make a billion dollars or become a huge star…the most important thing is to have the respect of my peers. There’s not a single thing in wrestling that I can’t do. I’ve seen the card from every angle.” – @TheEricYoung on his future in wrestling… I’m not worried. Something is going to happen and I can’t wait what that’s going to be.” – @TheEricYoung on his future #BustedOpenLive… I never got into pro wrestling for money or to be on TV. I got into pro wrestling because I love pro wrestling.” – @TheEricYoung

on Bobby Roode
Over the past 10 years, there’s not a better pro wrestler than Bobby Roode


Source: BustedOpenRadio