Lucha Underground S2 E9: Aztec Warfare II – Ongoing Live Coverage, Lucha Libre Special Featuring Rey Mysterio, Fenix, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, Mil Muertes, King Cuerno, Matanza & Many More!


Tonight’s the night, Believers!  Lucha Underground Season 2’s long-awaited, annual special: Aztec Warfare!  In the violent showdown between twenty luchadores and luchadoras, two will start the face-off and a new luchador will enter the ring every 90 seconds.  However, this season will switch things up – instead of the winner of Aztec Warfare becoming the #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship, they will become the new champion!

Catrina S2 E6

Among the confirmed contestants include Rey Mysterio, who will also be making his series debut tonight (though his number in the ring is unknown), Fenix as the first contestant, Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Mil Muertes as #20. Recall that those four were announced as Aztec Warfare II contestants on last week’s episode. Lucha Underground has also hinted on social media that Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Prince Puma, and Johnny Mundo are also set to compete. The rest of the spots, however, are a mystery – but that’s part of the excitement, right?


I also can’t imagine Pentagon, Jr. not competing tonight – as well as former Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto’s brother, Matanza, not getting involved. Matanza made a stunning debut in a promo with Cueto last week as well, so there’s a huge hint there that he will compete tonight – and possibly become the next Champion.

Also, LU posted a Four-Way Match to determine entrants for Aztec Warfare II! You can check it out below while you wait for the violence to start!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Also, FAMOUS B and BEAUTIFUL BRENDA will be in the crowd tonight!

You can also check out this awesome article on Lucha Underground from LA Weekly!

Sound the alarm – five more minutes!

From here on, all LUCHA UNDERGROUND social media accounts and Believers’ accounts are now a spoiler zone!!

Here we go! 8 PM!

We’re behind the scenes. Fenix comes in. There’s Pentagon. Zero fear, per usual. Catrina appears. Oh, shit! She dips into her powers, saying that Pentagon lost the opportunity to enter the Warfare when he laid his hands on her – makes sense. But he’s not afraid of her. He’s following Vampiro’s advice – but Catrina says he has no fear because he’s never known true fear.

She tells Fenix that he won’t survive this time, and Mil will take his title back. She disappears and Fenix and Pentagon part their separate ways.

We’re in the Temple! “Aztec Warfare” cheers from the crowd! Traditional dancers scatter around the ring and drummers play the music only the lovers of violence can appreciate. (Corny, I know – I’m excited.)

The only way to be eliminated in this anything-goes special is via pinfall or submission!

Let the drums of war beat!

Aztec Warfare II: For the Lucha Underground Championship!
Contestant #1 enters: Current Lucha Underground Champion Fenix!

Famous B and Beautiful Brenda are in the crowd as Fenix approaches the ring!

Contestant #2 enters: Rey Mysterio!

Awesome way to start Aztec Warfare. His debut has certainly been long-awaited. “He’s finally home,” says Matt Striker.  Rey basks in the energy from the huge pop.

Here we go!  They circle the ring. They exchange respect.

Headlocks. Reversals. Leapfrogs. Whoa!

Kick by Fenix! Momentum by Fenix, but Rey comes back! Rey kicks Fenix. Amazing work on the ropes by Fenix.

Contestant #3 – King Cuerno enters!

Cuerno kicks the grip holding Rey and Fenix together!

Cuerno kicks Fenix down! He comes for Rey but Rey kicks! Cuerno gets him back after creating space! The Arrow From the Depths of Hell towards Fenix outside of the ring!

Cuerno and Fenix are down! Cuerno is back now, and pushes Rey!

Contestant #4 – Argenis!

Wow! Unexpected! Season debut for this luchador. He gets Fenix down, but suffers a kick from the bird. Fenix is down again now. Argenis kicks Rey in the ass!

He covers Rey, but Rey kicks out at 2! Impressive. Argenis sends Cuerno off the apron. Rey gets Argenis with his signature moves, covers, and Argenis is out!

Eliminated: Argenis

Contestant #5 – Johnny Mundo!

He’s looking hot! We’ll see more of him after this commercial break!

We’re back! Mundo and Rey face off. Mundo holds Rey in his grasp. Fenix interrupts! Rey is out of the ring!

Mundo and Fenix collapse! Trading covers! Fenix punches Mundo! Fenix covers Mundo!

#6 – Joey Ryan!

Ryan enters with his invitation! He takes handcuffs out of his briefs and cuffs himself to the balcony! OMG.

He can’t be eliminated! What if Ryan was president?

Mundo and Fenix continue their fight.

#7 – Prince Puma!

Cuerno, Fenix, Mundo, and Rey continue! Prince Puma and Cuerno go at it! Cheering for Puma from the crowd! Puma flies out of the ring onto the contestants, and punches Ryan! “Holy shit” cheering!

Puma picks up Cuerno, but Cuerno counters.  Puma kicks Mundo!

#8 – Jack Evans!

Rey does an armbar submission on Cuerno! He’s been eliminated!

King Cuerno is eliminated!

All of the luchadores kick Jack Evans until he’s down!

Mundo is out of the ring now! Fenix and Rey work together for Rey to slam Evans!

Mundo pulls Evans out of the ring. They argue!

#9 – Taya Valkyrie!

Mundo cheers for Valkyrie. They enter the ring together. Brawling between all six contenders!

Evans holds on the ropes while Puma leaps out. Rey and Mundo fight. They seem to be targeting Rey for elimination.

#10 – Brian Cage!

Uh oh, here comes the Machine! He knocks out Evans! Throws him across the ring!

And there’s the commercial break! Damn.

We’re back! Cage is cleaning house! He grabs Taya and throws her on the concrete floor! Mundo kicks Cage! Famous B hands out business cards to the audience.

#11 – Mascarita Sagrada!

Mundo makes fun of Mascarita’s height! ‘Carita gains momentum!

Mundo kicks him down when he’s out of the ring, but Cage delivers a little something back!

Weapon X on Mundo! Cage puts him back in the ring. Puma tackles Mundo! Pin!

Eliminated: Johnny Mundo

#12 – Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Ew, no thanks. Moth clotheslines everybody!

He pushes Cage off the apron! He stripteases. Carita kicks Moth repeatedly to no avail.

Yup, Carita’s down. Evans and Moth face off! Evans attempts a body scissors but Moth reverses. Moth has him in a hold.

#13 – Drago!

More after this commercial break!

We’re back! Evans flies out of the ring and Drago kicks him! Ryan sells a punch he must have sustained earlier. Carita and Moth fight in the ring! Rey is perched and jumps on Moth, pinning him with the help of Carita! Cage grabs Puma outside of the ring.

Drago sprays Ryan!

Eliminated – The Moth!

#14 – The Mack!

Mack goes to the ring, but decides to pull a stunner on Moth! This one’s personal.

Cage and Mack face off. Heavyweight fights for the win. They brawl and remember their history. Clothesline and flying knee strike! Stunner by Mack on Cage! Puma punches Ryan.

#15 – Chavo Guerrero, Jr.!

Taya kicks ‘Carita while he’s down! Drago gets approval with the audience after he powerbombed Evans! Chavo makes himself look worthy by fighting ‘Carita. ‘Carita is eliminated.

Eliminated: Mascarita Sagrada!

Taya hangs off the ring ropes and Mundo delivers a cinderblock to Cage’s head!

Eliminated: Cage!

#16 – PJ Black!

Eliminated: Taya Valkyrie!

PJ hangs onto Drago in the audience while Evans delivers blows!  Drago tosses PJ into the turnbuckles. Evans crawls up the balcony stairs.

#17 – Aero Star!

He returns from the cosmos! PJ, Drago, and Evans pile on top of each other in the ring. Ryan calls out an elimination, but the ref doesn’t listen. Star has Evans on the turnbuckles, right where he wants him. PJ and Drago fight.

Double eliminations!

Eliminated: Drago and Jack Evans!

#18 – Dragon Azteca, Jr.!

Star and PJ exchange punches as Azteca descends from the stairs. Azteca and PJ exchange strikes, kicks, and clotheslines. Vampiro feels like he’s in a video game. Azteca pushes PJ to the floor. He dives onto The Mack!

#19 – Texano, Jr.!

Texano enters the ring with nearly a dozen other luchadores as we head for another commercial break!

We’re back! Blue Collar Brawler Texano flies onto the luchadores out of the ring!  PJ almost eliminates Texano in the ring. Texano powerbombs PJ!

Eliminated: PJ Black!

Texano and Rey fight. Ryan is still handcuffed. Mack drags Azteca, Jr.

#20 – Mil Muertes, accompanied by Catrina!

Pentagon Junior pushes Mil down the balcony steps!

He attacks Mil! Catrina looks on disapprovingly.

“Cero miedo” cheers from the audience! Meanwhile, Rey flies onto Mil while he’s in the ring! Puma helps pin him!

Eliminated: Mil Muertes!

Catrina screams at Striker and Vampiro! Vampiro gets up and she screams bloody murder! She gives him the Slap of Death!

#21… Dario Cueto appears with a mic! This is his Temple! He’s in charge now!

Whoa baby! Is Matanza coming out?! There’s one more entrant… YUP IT’S MATANZA! Catrina is livid.

#21: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto!

The luchadores remaining look terrified! “This is awesome” cheers! All fighters gang up on him, but Matanza stays up!

Eliminated by Matanza: Fenix!

Mack flips off Matanza! Matanza suplexes him!

Eliminated: The Mack!

Aero Star tries his best. Oh well. Another suplex.

Eliminated: Aero Star!

Three eliminations by Matanza in a row! Texano grabs Matanza from behind! Powerbomb by Mantanza!

Eliminated: Texano, Jr.!

Chavo hides under the ring. LOL. Ryan scrambles for his handcuff keys! Uh oh! Matanza runs him into the balcony gate, bending the steel!

Ryan is in the ring! Suplexes by Matanza!

Eliminated: Joey Ryan!

Chavo, Azteca and Puma fight over who will face Matanza in the ring. Rey looks on.

Azteca is in the ring. Azteca uses strategies, leaps off the ropes, but Matanza pushes him. Electric chair – nope, doesn’t work. Azteca gets momentum… Nope.

Eliminated: Dragon Azteca, Jr.!

Chavo enters, but doesn’t want to.

Only to be…

Eliminated: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.!

Rey and Puma enter the ring! They work together!

Matanza knocks both of them down! Matanza grabs Rey after he leaps off of Puma!

Matanza picks up Puma! He’s down! Rey is out of the ring. Suplex by Matanza!

Eliminated: Prince Puma!

It comes down to tonight’s ring-debuted luchadores! Dario Cueto looks on from outside of the ring. They create space, facing off. Matanza receives cheers from the crowd. Rey has momentum, but is clotheslined by Matanza. Rey fights back, kicking in the legs. Chopping down the tree, as Striker puts it. Matanza gets a hold of Rey’s foot – Rey’s 6-1-9!

Another kick by Rey! Another 6-1-9!

Rey leaps, but Matanza catches him, but Rey reverses – but Matanza gets the pin.

Eliminated: Rey Mysterio

Your winner, and your new Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza Cueto!

Cueto delivers a speech and enjoys the victory with his brother.

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