Bret Hart on WWE Wrestlemania 32, AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens on Raw, Undertaker to be at Wrestlemania 33 – “I am not sensing that this is the end”

Bret Hart spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview. You can listen to the audio and see some highlights below:

On if WrestleMania 32 will be Undertaker’s last: “One of these days it’s going to be his last ‘Mania. I personally don’t think it is. I think he’s going to come back. Judging by what I saw from him last year and the year before. I know he’s had some injury issues. I saw a video just a few days ago of him squatting in the gym a lot of heavy weight. I see the guy still looking pretty good. Feeling pretty good. It’s like I said last week, it’s a little bit like Peyton Manning. If you’re still having fun and as long as you’re not hurt and you want to go out there and still do it I think you should do it. In Undertaker’s case, it looks like he’s still got a couple of years left. I think he’s having too much fun wrestling and he’s making pretty decent coin. He’s always in a main event spot. It’s not like he’s on the road all the time. I am not sensing that this is the end. ”

On the end of AJ Styles vs. Kevin Steen on Raw: “I thought the ending was awful. AJ came in to the Rumble. He got a great reaction. He’s got a great presence about him. He could be a guy that they could grow in to becoming a big star. I don’t know, to me, beating him last night. I just thought, “Geez, he had a lot of momentum and they pinned him already and beat him on TV.” I just thought they should have kept his mystique a little bit longer. Just being a good talent and a new talent. Watching him job out to Kevin Owens and they did it with that schoolboy from behind with Jericho on the apron. I was like, “Come on, Flair just did it in the match before with Charlotte.” It just seemed so unimaginative.”

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