Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 10 “The Man in the Box”

As always, sspoilers ahoy.

Foggy’s cop friend is at the scene of all the bodies strapped to a blood-eating Japanese urn thing. Matt convinces him to get them to Claire’s hospital in secret. At the hospital Claire discovers every victim’s prints have been burned off. Matt talks to her in private to warn her Nobu may come back for them. That’s when he overhears the police radio say that Castle has escaped. End of the cold open.

We come back from the credits to a crowd at the courthouse where Karen Foggy and Matt have all been summoned by Reyes. Matt guesses Fisk’s involvement in Castle’s escape. Reyes wants their help catching Castle because he slipped his skull x-ray into her daughter’s backpack. She comes clean about everything that happened the night Castle’s family died, but before anyone can decide how to proceed, Castle opens fire on her office and Reyes ends up dead and Foggy takes a bullet to the shoulder.

Matt tells Foggy he’s going to find Castle. Foggy blows him off. He then tells Karen to watch her back. Matt goes to see Fisk to find out why he set Castle free. Fisk plays dumb until Matt threatyens to guarantee that his wife Vanessa never sets foot in the US again. Fisk flips out and beats the tar out of him, and while Matt gets one good punch in, he otherwise allows the beating so as to not give away his true skills. Fisk threatens and blusters and Matt acts shaken but he got what he came for and leaves.

Karen heads to the bulletin and she isn’t convinced it WAS Castle who shot at Reyes. She and the editor decide to go see the mortician again. Meanwhile Elektra is having a drink at an airport bar waiting for her plane out of New York when some suave rich guy sits beside her and strikes up conversation. He toys with her a bit as she does the same, then reveals he knows exactly who she is and has come to kill her. She says it’s rude to keep a lady waiting.

Karen and the editor find the mortician dead, and again Castle is presumed the perp.More and more Karen isn’t buying it. It’s too sloppy for Frank. She goes to get a list of potential targets and the editor sends cops with her, not wanting to lose her like he lost Ben.

Matt and Claire have a chat on the roof after the accountant’s son woke up. Claire thinks Matt needs to stop pushing his friends away. Matt thinks he’s endangering them. Claire gives Matt the lab reports on the blood draining victims. She saays he should go home and rest but he can’t, he’s struggling, with a dead man being alive and well, Fisk running the prison he put them in, and all his friends would be better off without him. Claire says he needs to stop being a martyr and go say hi to Foggy.

Karen leaves the officers outside as she looks for her files. She hears a thud outside and grabs a gun. Frank is there to tell her he’s not the shooter, which is pretty much proven when the shooter opens fire on them both. Fisk meanwhile is eating dinner and pondering the split lip Matt gave him, and decides perhaps his files could stand another examination. We go back to the airport where Electra is fighting her new friend, whom she kills with his own sais, (now hers? yYay?). She thinks the Hand sent him. His final words are that Stick did.

Back at the hospital Matt hears grappling hooks and the blood draining victims have turned into the bloody Children of the Corn. Claire is all NOPE and hightails it back out of there, and Foggy wakes up just in time to see Hand ninjas scaling the hospital walls as an alarm blares.

And that’s where we end episode 10. Just 3 more to go folks! See you shortly for #11!

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