Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 11 “.380”

As always, spoilers ahoy.

The Hand are climbing the hospital walls, cutting holes in the windows to break in. Claire returns to the Children of the Corn with her boss and two guards to find ninjas. Everyone but Claire dies while the creepy kids just stare, but Matt arrives and saves Claire. The ninjas make off with the now dead account’s son, who doesn’t seem like an unwilling victim.They escape and Matt is pissed. End of cold open.

After the credits, Matt is explaining the Hand to Claire as best he can. She thinks he’s in way over his head and he needs to accept it. Karen meanwhile is giving her less than completely honest statement about the shooting at her apartment, leaving Castle out of things. She meets Matt outside and tells him Castle is innocent and then tells Matt off.

Cops clear Karen’s hotel room and she goes inside to sleep. Or at least she lets the cops think that. Instead she waits til they go downstairs and sneaks out. She meets Frank in her car to talk. She doesn’t want to let the Blacksmith get another shot at her. Frank agrees. They drive off.

Foggy is eating nasty hospital jello when his ex shows up. He’s moping about blowing his career, but she says even though Castle blew the case, a lot of people were impressed by how well he did in the trial, almost getting Castle off before Frank blew it. She hints he may have job offers waiting.

Claire is in the morgue as the hospital admin is in damage control mode as the coroner checks the ninja she killed in self-defense. Turns out the guy had already been autopsied some time ago. The admin shuts everything down and tells Claire to get back to work. Matt meanwhile intercepts the fleeing ADA to get info on the Blacksmith. Karen and Castle talk about the Blacksmith and also her gun. Frank’s surprised she didn’t shoot him, and thinks her choice of gun shows forethought. He asks her about Matt, figuring out she loves him. She says Matt hurts her. He says his wife used to, and he’d give anything to feel that again. He then tells her to get the waitress and leave since a few goons are about to come into the diner to die.

Matt enters a laundromat in Chinatown and takes out a bunch of goons looking for the Blacksmith. Instead he finds Madame Gao hiding out in the basement, having apparently never left New York. She seems almost delighted to see him, and is more than happy to talk once they’re truly alone.

Back at the diner Frank ambushes the ambush, taking out his would-be assailants one by one as Karen listens.He bloodies the last guy pretty bad til he gets an address to the pier at 41st Street, then kills him. He tells Karen to call the police, get protective custody, and get far away from him. Then he leaves.

Madame Gao is disappointed that Daredevil is thinking smalltime. She thinks there are bigger threats to the city than her that he should be worried about. She tells him what little she knows about the Blacksmith, but fears he’s on a difficult path. It’s almost like she likes him and expects great things of him.

Claire is angry that her hospital is covering things up. She refuses to be part of the rug sweeping and quits. Matt meanwhile is at the pier, listening for anything out of the ordinary. Frank meanwhile arrives at the correct pier and kills the guards, then pours gas on the drugs and gets ready to torch them, shouting for the Blacksmith to stop hiding. Frank thinks he’s found the Blacksmith but it’s too easy. Matt stops him, knowing the guy Frank has is lying. Frank freaks out about DD not minding his business. Frank is in no shape to fight DD, and Matt talks him down. Guys show up ready to blow up the boat and Frank saves Matt before they can. He recites his daughter’s favourite nursery rhyme, ready to join her.

Stick is informed of Elektra killing the guy he sent. He sends his men away but she’s already there and kills them both, going to confront Stick. Back at the pier, Matt is lamenting Frank’s sacrifice, but as Karen and the cops show up, it seems Frank somehow managed to take the Blacksmith and his crew with him, as burnt bodies are covering the pier. Claire leaves the hospital with Foggy. And the Children of the Corn are all back with Nobu and willingly let him slice their wrists open, as they sit in tubs and bleed, not a one looking the least little bit perturbed as their blood again starts feeding the weird urn.

Matt is alone in his apartment when he hears Stick’s car in the distance. He goes downstairs just in time to see it crash. One of his men survived long enough to get to Matt and warn him that Elektra found Stick and plans to kill him. Stick meanwhile is quietly sharpening his sword and waiting for her to strike. He sits alone in a private library, knowing she’s coming. She arrive and says they need to talk. He says he’s all ears.

That’s where episode 11 ends. See you later for episode 12!

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