WWE Wrestlemania 32 News: The Rock’s Role For The Show Could Include Some Wrestling [Spoilers]

The Rock

While WWE has yet to make the plans for many legacy stars clear for WWE Wrestlemania 32, The Rock Dwayne Johnson has been vocal about definitely appearing at the show.

However, until now, there is still now word on what The Rock’s role at the show will be. This week there have been some rumblings that the Rock will not be involved with his “cousin” Roman Reigns, but in another match guaranteed to get a strong positive reaction.

When the Rock showed on up Raw a few months ago, he interacted with Rusev (and Lana), the Big Show, the Usos and the New Day. This was a clue to his purported role at Wrestlemania 32. The Big Show, of course, will be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. But the others could be involved with the Rock for Wrestlemania.

The New Day is taking on the League of Nations in a 3 on 4 handicap match. In this match, the WWE Tag Team Titles are also on the line. It’s strange to have a tag team match have so many people, and also have it be uneven. This is because the match is not yet complete.

There is an angle planned that will add The Rock as the fourth member of the New Day for the night at Wrestlemania 32. There are creative similarities between the New Day and the Rock and how they interact with fans, and while he was against them on Raw, there could be an easy reconciliation, especially to even the odds against the hated League of Booty. He will likely come out to a huge pop and do very limited action in the ring, possibly just to give a rock bottom and People’s Elbow to Rusev for the pin.

This might also open up future cameos for the Rock as “part” of the New Day, and if they are still champions defending under “Freebird Rules”, give The Rock the opportunity to defend the WWE Tag Team Titles.

While things are settling in for WWE Wrestlemania 32 creative plans, there is still time for things to change.

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