Bret Hart Looks Back Fondly on 1995 Match against Kevin Nash/Diesel at 1995 Survivor Series

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Bret Hart spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview. Check out a couple of highlights and the audio below:

On his match against Kevin Nash at the 1995 Survivor Series: “I always loved this match. I always liked Kevin. I had a lot of respect for him and when they made him champion I really wanted to do all I could to help him. I was like, “Ok, you’re going to make this guy the franchise guy. The guy who is the guy who is going to take my spot.” I had no hard feelings about that. I stepped back and did all I could to help him be the guy that they needed. Looking back on it, what was really going on was that they needed a big guy. WCW had just signed Hogan. Hogan was with WCW by then. So they needed a big giant. Instead of keeping the belt on me they said, “We need a big guy to compete with Hogan.” So they decided to groom Kevin Nash. I’ve always said that Kevin was a little early. It was a little too soon for him. He just wasn’t quite ready for that yet. I would say he was about a year or two years away. Two years later he had more experience and he was better equipped to be the star of the show and be the guy that they needed. It wasn’t my place to make those decisions. When they come in and say, “This is what we want.” I was always a team guy. So I really tried my hardest to make him, establish him and give him the credibility he needed. ”

On being the first WWE wrestler to ever go through the announce table: “It was my finish, going through the table. There’s actually a funny story about that. Vince McMahon called me up and I was shooting Lonesome Dove the TV show at the time. I wasn’t on the road. I was doing TV every once in awhile. So anyway, Vince calls me up and said, “We need to take the belt off Kevin. It’s just not working. We are going to have to go a different direction.” I said, “I have an idea for a way to beat him.” I used to watch Sabu go through the tables all the time. You would see him climb all the way up and just jump and fall through the table. It never made much sense to me. It was always just the same thing. It was always that the guy moves and he goes crashing through the table. I said to Vince, “There’s something about if he went through the table. If you did it in a suspenseful way where no one knew that he was going to go crashing through the table, or I would go crashing through the table.” I told him how he would sort of launch me backwards through the table and break the table. It would stun everybody and it would actually mean something. People would actually believe that I was really hurt and that it was a moment of complete shock. Now you see guys go through the table all the time. Trust me, nobody goes through a table like the one I went through. That table was sold. Totally. They actually gimmicked that table and then they glued it back together and then reinforced it with a piece of wood underneath. I remember going, “This table is indestructible.” I went crashing through it and it was such a stiff table. Going back to the story. Vince goes, “I love it! I love that idea!” I remember Vince called me up three days later and he goes, “This is what we’re going to do!” He laid out the whole thing. It was almost like he forgot he talked to me. I really don’t think he remembered talking to me. Maybe it was late at night and he was tired. He completely forgot that I gave him the finish. He goes, “I’ve got this idea where you go crashing through the table.” He ran the whole thing by me. I remember scratching my head on the phone. I’m not going to argue him. I just gave him this idea three days ago. I said, “Sure! Sounds good to me!””

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