Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 13 “A cold Day In Hell’s Kitchen”

Spoilers ahoy. We’ve come to the end folks!

Nobu and a lackey are standing by the giant urn. She tells him it’s ready should it be needed, and tells him there are 20 targets in New York. He says kill them all and kill Daredevil, who is all that stands in his way. Stick meanwhile is being tended to in Matt’s place, and Matt STILL doesn’t believe him about the Hand’s powers in spite of everything he’s seen. He goes up to the roof to talk to Elektra, who is still questioning destiny, and he reassures her it has to all be bull and no one decides her fate but her. They decide to go after Nobu and demystify him to his cult. End of cold open.

We come back from the credits and JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST it’s Carrie-Anne Moss’ character from Jessica Jones offering Foggy a ridiculously lucrative job. Yeah THIS will definitely end well. *headdesks* Karen is struggling to figure out how to write Frank’s story knowing he’s alive. Matt has taken Elektra to his private tailor to get her an armor suit like his. Our eagar tailor has excitedly made Matt aa new toy as well.

Frank FINALLY goes home. He reads about his suspected death, and goesto his garage to make something as he listens to the police radio. Elektra is feeding Stick and telling him their plan to go after Nobu. Stick thinks they’re idiots. Foggy calls Matt to let him know some guys roughed up their cop friend to get files on him. Matt comes to talk to him, and realizes Nobu is going to kidnap people he’s saved to lure him into a trap.

Karen and the low level gun seller are both on Nobu’s kidnap bus. He jiggered his ankle bracelet, and Karen convinces him to turn it back on again after their captors kill an old man. They get to a warehouse and cops show up, but are almost immediately killed. One cop manages to call for back-up before he dies. Back-up arrives and they set up a perimeter, while Matt and Elektra arrive on a nearby rooftop and briefly argue over what should be their primary goal; Nobu or the hostages. Matt being Matt he decides the hostages are the only choice and goes to free them. Elektra eventually follows and helps. Karen and the hostages get out safely while ninjas chase Matt and Elektra through the building.

Matt and Elektra decide to make a stand on the roof, joking about all the places they’ll go visit together if they survive. Nobu tells them they can’t fight destiny. Elektra belongs to them and Matt belongs in the ground. The huge finale fight ensues and Elektra ends up taking a sai for Matt, dying. Matt angrily goes after Nobu who’s leaving like a coward telling his men to kill Matt, but Frank appears on a nearby rooftop and shoots any Hand that tries to stop Matt from reaching Nobu. In the end, Matt throws Nobu off the roof, then goes to cry over Elektra’s body as Frank leaves.

Nobu wakes up on the ground and stands up to leave but Stick stabs him through the heart and then cuts off his head, telling him to stay dead already.

Stick and Matt share a few words over Elektra’s grave while Foggy and Karen share one last glass of swill at Josie’s bar before Foggy with his newfound income finally clears their bar tab. Karen finally decides what to write and writes about New Yorkers being survivors and heroes in their own right. Frank blows up his house, and Matt meets Karen at their old office to show her his DD helmet, finally ready to tell her the truth.

But just when you think that’s how they end it, we see Elektra’s grave dug up and what looks like a possibly beheaded Stick, (though it could just have been a graveskeeper), and then we see the hand closing Elektra’s body into the weird blood urn thing.

And that’s the end of our Daredevil season 2 recaps. Join us in September for Luke Cage! (He’s really tired of having to buy new clothes).

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