Gut Check: The Walking Dead 03/27/16 Season 6 Episode 15 “East”

The Fab Four
Hello and welcome to “Gut Check: The Walking Dead” where I spout off at the mouth about the most recent episode as soon as it is done airing. No thought, no research just the feeling in the moment. Let’s begin.
Tonight on The Walking Dead: Shakin’ the Sheets
Alternate Title: Carl Got a Gun

Spoilers for:
The Walking Dead 
Season 6
Episode 15

Well, I would imagine people just lost their damned minds, Daryl’s blood has been spilled. He tried to assuage his guilt over Denise’s death by going off half-cocked. Good job Mr. Dixon, you got Glenn, Rosita, Michonne, and yourself captured and then we got to see Dwight gleefully cap your ass. Enjoy your piercing; we know you are still alive, but you have a brand new hole.
Morgan and Rick playing in the grass.

Before that happened we got to see damn near everyone in Alexandria get their freak on. Seriously, it felt like everyone was coupling. Carol got one last booty call with Tobin before she took off. Rick and Michonne apparently like to include food in the festivities. Maggie and Glenn got covered in soap and then started to grope. While less explicit, you just know Abraham and Sasha wrinkled the sheets as well.

It seems this season really is Carol’s story. Even when she isn’t there, everything kind of hovers around her and her arc. This may be the longest and most in-depth character development arcs we have gotten. Rick’s is the only one that has had more “oomph” or attention, and even he has taken the backseat at times. Melissa McBride continues to up her acting chops showing more development in skill and more range than anyone else on the show. She should be considered, if not nominated, for some awards.
Carol and her rosary

Enid came back after just kind of vanishing for a long while, just in time to cut Maggie’s hair and see her have baby related pains. In fact, where the hell is most of Alexandria? Aaron is barely around, Spencer has been a rebound for Rosita and not much else. Tobin was mostly around for Carol. Heath? Pretty much invisible. Really, I am so glad we have had so much character work with the old standbys, but it was at the expense of everyone else. I get it, at least one of the old guard is going to eat it in the finale. We need to focus on them, but once they are gone the others will need to pick up slack, and it’d be nice to at least have them around so we know they exist. I miss Jesus too. I need more Jesus in my life!

There isn’t a lot to talk about tonight, the episode was a game of chess. It existed solely to get the pieces placed on the board. Next week we watch the game start to unfold. Blood will flow. Considering that the Saviors have Glenn, Rosita, Michonne, and Daryl, we can guess one of them meets a grisly end.
The gang gets captured

Skip this paragraph if you want to avoid speculation about the season finale. Glenn has already had a fake-out death (or 5) recently and Rosita just doesn’t have the cachet to be a big deal. So that leaves Michonne and Daryl. As soon as they announced that we would see a certain F-bomb dropping madman, I have said Daryl will die. Tonight they made me slightly think it could be Michonne. That is the one that will affect Rick the most, and it will hit Carl hard as well.  Michonne dying would affect the Survivors the most I think, but Daryl going will affect the fans the most. I still think we go for affecting the fans though I would not be surprised either way. Ok, I am done.
Heya, Dwight!

Now that the speculation is over: East was a decent episode of the Walking Dead, probably the weakest of the back half of season 6. It did what it had to do however. It set things in play: Heroes captured, a mystery in horse guy, Carol missing, more development for characters that need it going in to the finale, we are all set up for things to go completely in ballistic. Next week should be a crazy 90 minutes. I can’t wait to see Carl and Negan bond over the art work on Carl’s gun.


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