Jim Ross Blog: Monday Night Raw, John Cena, Kane, Possibility of WWE Off Season


Jim Ross checked in with a new blog before Raw, here are some highlights

on John Cena
I’d be shocked if John Cena wasn’t on RAW tonight considering that he’s in NYC today co-hosting the Today Show on NBC. He should be booked to cut a WM32 promo as John is a great salesman.

on Kane
Read where Kane is going to his 17th Wrestlemania which is amazing. Time really does fly by doesn’t it? Of all the amazing things that have happened and are still happening in my my career, hiring men like Glenn Jacobs might be the most rewarding. I truly thought that knew the moment that I met Glenn that he was a keeper but after talking to him for a few minutes, that decision was locked in. Seeing the masked Unabomber in Smoky Mountain Wrestling for the first time is still a vivid memory after all these years.

on WWE off season
For those championing the cause that WWE needs an off season, are they taking into consideration the contractual obligations that WWE has with rights holders globally to produce new, first run programming on a weekly basis? Talents can be given ample off time without having to create an off season if the booking is better organized and efficiently interfaces with creative. It would tak ample planning but it can be done. I do agree that talents need more off time to rest and regenerate.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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