WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Report For 3/28/16: The Return



Welcome back to LIVE Raw coverage on Inside Pulse Wrestling!  It has been a few since the last time I did this so I might be a bit rusty, but a new job has led to time off during the night time hours and I feel that this should come back to the site.  Join me tonight from 8-11PM EST for some wrasslin’.  Or some Roman Reigns.  Probably that last one.

We are LIVE at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY!

Your commentary team for today is JBL, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

Looks like we are going to start with the Deadman out to the ring first as we get a cold open.  Worried there for a moment as there was no initial reaction to the music, but then he walks out and they go nuts.  There is enough time to go over the entire feud and likely the entire Ministry storyline as the Undertaker walks out to the ring.

Undertaker Entrance Time: 4 Minutes.  NEW WR.

This Wrestlemania will not be his last.  Yes chant follows that.  Wait.  Who are we rooting for?  The Undertaker has made it clear that the blood of his son is on Vince’s hands.  But Vince’s blood may very well be on the Deadman’s.  Shane McMahon will fight for his legacy all the way until he draws his last breath, but Wrestlemania is the Undertaker’s yard.  Hell in a Cell is his house!  And at Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon will Rest.  In.  PeacHERE COMES THE MONEY!

Out comes Shane to almost interrupt the Undertaker’s catchphrase in a near casual outfit.  Sneakers are still killing it.

Shane says that this Sunday, they will rip each other apart.  They have no other choice as they try to control their own destiny.  Shane is fighting to win, but Undertaker is fighting not to lose.  Shane is the instrument of change that has been needed for a long, long time.  Yes chant follows again.  Whatever is left of Shane’s body will climb into that ring the next night, because he will be in control of Monday Night RAW!  And if he has to cement his legacy by destroying the Deadman’s, then that is what he has to do.

Shane evidently needs to watch his mouth because the Undertaker says he has no right to talk about his legacy.  Shane walks down to the ring to face the Deadman and wants to talk about legacy.  WOW.  “Let’s talk about two years ago at Wrestlemania when your legacy DIED.”  STRONG words from Shane.  Weak Suplex City chant.  Undertaker says that Shane is just like his old man.  And it figures, being that the very day he was born, he’s been his daddy’s bitch!  Shane isn’t taking it!  Fists to the Undertaker only lasts a bit before he is thrown out by UT, it goes to the outside and Shane is thrown from barricade to barricade!  He then clears the announce table.  Shane tries to fight back as “This is Awesome” chant starts.  Shane leaps over the UT as he tries for the Last Ride into the table.  More fists until Shane grabs a monitor and knocks the Undertaker out with it.  Shane continues to clear the table, then hits Taker again with the monitor.  He looks to the corner of the ring.  Undertaker’s face is all scarred up.  Shane climbs to the top of the corner!  ELBOW FROM THE CORNER STRIKES THE UNDERTAKER!  THROUGH THE TABLE!  HOLY SH*T CHANTS!  They are both out and it looks like Undertaker has been busted open a bit.  “You’ve Still Got It” chants!  Shane staggers off and leaves Taker laying.  That elbow is NUTS.  As Shane walks out, Taker sits up!  Shane looks in disbelief from the ramp as Taker gives a thumb to the throat.  Shane points to the Mania sign.  Nice segment to get the crowd pumped at the start.  And we go to…


We are back with the line that set Shane off with a flurry of “punches.”  Shane gets some Evan Bourne Slo-Mo treatment with that elbow

How can we possibly top that?

Zack Ryder, evidently.  He is about to go one on one with Jericho.

Zack Ryder vs. Chris Jericho

I have been somewhat loose in following the product recently, but I have heard of the serious streak that Ryder has been on.  Let’s see how long this takes.

Earlier, Jericho would rather sit among the morons of the WWE Universe than go against either Ryder or AJ at Wrestlemania.  Just before the match, we get AJ out with a mic.  He asks “So, you aren’t going to give me the match?”  Jericho would really rather sit out of Wrestlemania than face him?  AJ is not leaving until he gets the match he wants at Wrestlemania.  He stands next to commentary as Ryder goes for the sneak rollup!  No good and only gets two, sending Ryder out.  Baseball slide into Ryder followed by a viscious attack by Jericho with JBLs hat.  He rolls Ryder back in, sending him into the ropes which Ryder counters with a few chops, Jericho fighting back.  Ryder takes over again and hits a missile dropkick from the top.  He goes for the Broski Boot, but gets countered into the Walls, while AJ starts to chant Y2Jackass.  Distraction works as Jericho is sneak attacked by Ryder, rolled up for the 3!  Ryder eats a Codebreaker for it and Jericho starts a tantrum that Christian would be jealous off.

Winner: Zack Ryder

Jericho tells the crowd to shut up as they start to chant Y2Jackass.  How stupid is AJ?  He wants to embarrass Jericho in front of these morons?  He wants to start the chant up?  He is kicking the hornet’s nest.  AJ wants Jericho at Wrestlemania?  He wants Jericho vs. Styles?  He got it.  But he should wipe the smile off his face.  This will be Jericho’s 12th Wrestlemania.  This will be AJ’s first and last.  This Sunday will be the worst night of his life.  They end with a staring match, Jericho at the ramp and AJ in the ring.  And Ryder is used as a sideshow again.  Sounds About Right.

Next will be Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte!


We come back to a shot of AT&T Stadium in Dallas, the home of Wrestlemania 32.

Sasha Banks joins at Ringside for this match!

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Taken back to Smackdown, we see a miscue between the two wrestlers, but Banks picks up the win.  Lynch with the Beckplex to both women.  Honestly, this division is what I have been waiting for with these three.  Other than Flair.  The Creepy Old Guy of the Feud.

Bell rings and we get a push off to start us out.  Becky with a couple of hiptosses into an arm lock.  Charlotte fights up and gets in an arm lock of her own.  Whip gets Charlotte over the top, flipping to her feet on the apron and a forearm to Lynch as she turns to taunt the Boss as we head to…


Back to the action as Charlotte is giving a few knees to Becky.  The Ref lets them know they are back and Lynch fights off Charlotte to the corner, running shoulder tackles take down the Champ as she staggers into the corner for a splash.  Beckplex for 2!  Becky then goes for the Disarmer, but gets rolled up for two.  Flair chop sends Becky down for another 2 as Charlotte complains.  Charlotte gets attacked into the corner, and she eats a kick from Lynch from the other side of the apron.  Charlotte is then chased around the ring as she dodges back in and Becky is caught by Ric.  Creepy.  She gets in finally to eat a kick and then Natural Selection for the pin.

Winner: Charlotte

Mr. McMahon backstage!  Renee asked if he was surprised by the physicality earlier.  Vince is not as Shane would do anything to win this match.  And Undertaker said a few minutes ago that Wrestlemania is his house, The ring is his yard.  Shane doesn’t want just that.  He wants it all.  And he will fight for that.  But all Shane did is anger the Undertaker.  And that’s the Taker that Vince wants to represent him.  If he were Shane, he would be halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge by now.  Shane comes in and says he is glad he isn’t Vince.  Shane has watched him discard people like human waste.  No one can run it better than Vincent Kennedy McMahon?  Shane is going to take out 40 years of pent up frustration out this Sunday.  The difference is that Vince stole the business from his father, Shane is going to take it from him.


YOUR Hungry for Mania Moment: Flair’s Retirement Match at Wrestlemania 24.  Such a good match.  We even get a shot of the “I love you, I’m sorry.”  And he neeeever wreeeeestled agaiiiiin.

We get a shot of the Andre trophy as the Social Outcasts are sitting on the apron.  Slater gets one line out before Big Show comes out to interuppt.  Welp.  Looks like this is a Tag Match and his partner is Kane.

Kane & Big Show vs. DOES IT EVEN MATTER?

We get Axel and Bo for the Outcasts.  Axel and Kane start us out with a lockup.  Axel is immediately thrown.  He is thrown around before the Outcasts come in to throw the match!  It’s four on two before the entire Midcard Locker Room empties into the ring to fight each other for a spotfest!  Nearly an Ankle Lock before Henry finally makes it down to knock Swagger over.  Henry gets in the ring only to get chokeslammed by Kane and Big Show.  Social Outcasts get back in to eat a quadruple Chokeslam.  Promoting the Young Guys as usual for Kane and Big Show.

Winner: No one.

Back to last week as Reigns appears from the garage door and viciously and heroically beats up Trips when he was trying to get out.  Plays the good guy as he beats him into the concrete before HHH and Steph eventually escape.


WWE 24 commercial for Daniel Bryan’s last day when he made his announcement.  That, I want to see.

Again, the music blasts over Cole before they find the fader and turn it down to barely comprehensible.


And the singer that should have been the Celebrity Hall of Famer this year.  Just saying.  HHH starts out Hour 2 along with Steph.  Steph’s appearance tomorrow at 10AM and HHH at 9PM on ESPN is shilled on their way down.  HHH Looks happy in the ring and so does that Corgi picture.  Steph says that they should stand on their feet and show the proper respect for HHH.  Now get down on their knees, she says.  Grovel at his feet!  That’s how you show the proper respect to the 14 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  HHH takes the mic to say that in six days the largest crowd in the world will gather to watch the spectacle known as Wrestlemania.  And they will watch for one reason and one reason only.  For the WWE WHC.  Yeah.  Sure.  Mark my words.  It is the dream of every athlete that will walk on that stage.  The dream of everyone sitting in front of him.  The Dream of millions sitting at home.  They have all had the dream to stand in the ring at Wrestlemania and hold the title above their head.  But the thing is, that will never happen for you.  The odds are impossible for any mere fan.  But Reigns is one of those one in a million athletes.  He was good enough to win the title!  For all of 4 minutes and 23 seconds.  This will be HHH’s 20th Wrestlemania.  For the 9th time, he will fight for the gold.  More than any man on this planet!  You wanna know why?  Because he is obsessed with it.  Since day one.  The fame, the power, the money, he has been obssessed with it.  That obsession has led him to be the best WWE Superstar in history.  It led him to be a 14 time World Champion.  He is the best in history again.  He has had a stranglehold on this industry for 15 years.  He thought that it was okay to put on a suit and go to work every day behind a desk.  But then it happened.  He was powerbombed through a table.  That was when HHH’s fire of obsession was lit again.  He wasn’t sure if he was disrespected or if he became that corporate suit.  Or someone like Reigns would have the balls to put his name in their mouth.  Watch it, Trips.  But it wasn’t long again before HHH was World Heavyweight Champion.  Roman Reigns, has already lost this Sunday.  He has already made the fatal mistake at Wrestlemania when he lit this obsession again.  Because that obsession means the end of Roman’s dream.  Because that obsession will ensure that no matter what, HHH will walk out World Heavyweight Champion.  Steph continues to put down the rest of the card, to say that it is all about the belt.  That it is about the Game, the Cerebral Assassin!

Out comes Reigns with purpose.  HHH meets him and stomps him into the mat.  Reigns back up and punches HHH away.  Another punch to HHH.  He rolls out and retreats to leave Steph in who bolts soon after.  And he is BOOOED as he stands tall in the ring.  Crowd starts chanting and they are pitched down, starting to boo as Roman’s music plays into

COMMERCIALS.  Looks like USA gets the Kickoff Show (W/Andre Battle Royal.)  Neat.

Recap to the most hated man in the arena and The Authority.  HA.

Said Authority rushes out of the arena as


It’s a New Day, yes it is!  They proceed to play imaginary frisbee on the ramp before coming down the ring.  Flashback to two weeks ago with New Day vs. League as the beatdown post match of New Day takes place.  Looks like a Singles Match as New Day has the mics.  Xavier says “The New Day” and that gets the crowd going.  If you haven’t heard, the official cereal for Wrestlemania 32 is Booty!  Booty!  Booty O’s!  Booty O’s chant.  Perfect.  They proceed to shill the cereal box and Shirt.  Who in their right mind would consume Rusev’s Bulgarian Booty Flakes?  That would be DISGUSTING x20.  We get a Phife Day tribute from Big E with “Can I kick it?” Great stuff.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

Looks like this is our match up.  Del Rio is too good for the neck of his shirt as it has been cut down.  We get to start quick as Del Rio takes it to Kingston.  Kingston throws Del Rio out and meets Xavier with a trombone solo.  Del Rio starts to go at them only to get knocked down by Kofi.  I can barely keep up as we get to…


Back with Del Rio having a headlock on Kingston up until the Ref tells them we are back and Kofi fights to his feet.  Punches to Del Rio to fight out of the headlock.  Off the ropes leads to Kofi getting a backbreaker down to the mat.  Kofi in the Tree of Woe to take kicks from Del Rio.  Del Rio goes to get to the top for the stomp, missing wildly as Kingston climbs the ropes for a forearm from the top.  Dropkick!  Meets Del Rio for two.  They come back up and Del Rio gets a Backstabber on Kofi.  Del Rio tunes up the band?  Kofi pops up on the charge though and gets a stomp in mid air to get two from Del Rio!  JBL doubles down on the Greatest Export.  Kofi charges and hits the turnbuckle, Del Rio gets him caught in the ropes and gets the stomp off!  He pauses to taunt New Day before signaling for the cross arm breaker, but gets rolled up in the attempt for a three!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Out comes COACH!  Chanting NEW DAY!  The New Day is his absolute favorite from SportsCenter.  It is confirmed tonight that SportsCenter will be at Wrestlemania this Sunday with cut ins up until the show.  He then announced that his favorite cereal is Booty O’s!  He then starts a dance fest with New Day.  Simply the best…  Coach Twerking!  He’s a nerd, but he is the best of the nerds.

Back to the announcers to pitch the WWE Network.  Stone Cold Podcast on Thursday with Mick Foley.  NXT Dallas on Friday.  Hall of Fame on Saturday.  And something called Wrestlemania on Sunday.

A shot in the back at Brock Lesnar’s locker room as he is here tonight!


Three Matches thus far (Not counting the Outcasts nonsense).  This is the Raw I know.

It looks like we are going to have another Warrior Award.  Joan Lunden is getting it, it seems this year as announced by John Cena today.  She is going to be inducted by Dana Warrior.

Again, we go back to the Undertaker/Shane confrontation as TV PG takes hit after hit from all the language.  Unlike the hits Shane was trying to put on Undertaker.  One wonders how much we will see this elbow by the end of the night.  Or week.  Then to the Vince/Shane confrontation from earlier.

Backstage we have Roman being interviewed…but is interrupted by Bubba Ray, who evidently had a confrontation with him on Smackdown as the Dudleyz trap Roman, with HHH joining in to take him out.  Roman is left laying as we go back to…


We come back to Kalisto coming out with an opponent that had already came out, evidently.

Konnor vs. Kalisto

Oh.  This is where The Ascension went.  Konnor with a crazy set of drags from a headlock on the ground.  Kalisto fights to his feet, only to eat knees from Konnor.  Konnor whips him to the corner only for Kalisto to roll out to the apron.  A kick to Konnor as he starts to bounce the ropes, corkscrewing off the second rope.  Konnor catches Kalisto, only for him to fight off and him to get rid of Viktor before catching Konnor with Salida Del Sol and we have a winner!

Winner: Kalisto

He fights off both members of the Ascension only to have Ryback come out.  This should be somewhat even as that squash didn’t take much from Kalisto.  We get a Wrestlemania sign moment as Kalisto stands eye to upper abdomen with Ryback.  Is Ryback a heel now?  When did this happen?  Feed Me More vs. Lucha Lucha!

Backstage to Paul Heyman getting to Lesnar’s locker room.  He’s next!



The Beast is out now with his Advocate Paul Heyman.  He gets the full Pyro treatment.  Looks like that contract with Big Jonny is paying off.  Recounting Smackdown this past Thursday as Ambrose and Lesnar trade Kendo stick shots, ending in an F5 to Ambrose.

Suplex City as we find out that this man’s name is Paul Heyman.  He is the advocate for the Biggest Beast on the Planet today, Brock Lesnar!  His job tonight is to hype everyone on the fact that they are six days away.  Sunday at Wrestlemania, you have the opportunity to see the once in a lifetime chance to see an athlete in his prime at a level that no one in the locker room can achieve.  There is always that one maniac, that one banana, that one idiot, that one Lunatic who actually believes he has what it takes to bring it to Brock Lesnar to beat the one behind the one behind 22 and one.  He will give Dean a hell of a lot of credit.  He is a lot smarter than anyone thinks.  Ambrose thinks if he takes an NCAA champion and UFC Champion can take him into an environment with weapons to throw him.  He has that opportunity this Sunday when he steps into the ring with Brock Lesnar!  But here is the bad news for all the inmates.  This Sunday he has to walk into the ring with Brock Lesnar.  His client is fully prepared to give Ambrose the Wrestlemania Moment not of this year, not of this decade, but of this lifetime as he performs the most public colonoscopy on Dean Ambrose this Sunday.  As with two years ago, this is not a prediction, this is a spoiler.  This Sunday, the winner will be…

And here comes Ambrose with a Red Wagon with his logo.  Just the right level of insane as Heyman is pissed at being interupted.  Dean goes under the ring to grab a crowbar, steel pipes, Barbie, Fire Extinguisher, Chainsaw, Nunchucks and put them into the wagon.  Lesnar grabs the kendo stick and Ambrose doesn’t notice as he also grabs the top set of steel steps and puts them into the wagon.  He then starts to leave.  SO Perfect.  No words.  Just pure insanity with his music playing.  Great promo from Heyman and great moment from Ambrose.

Back to the HHH/Reigns confrontation in the ring from earlier tonight.  And The Authority are coming back down later to finish their promo.  Because Three Hours.  We go back to see the Divas in the back, and they are out next.


Paige is out with Natalya, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.  Next out is Emma with Team BAD, Lana and Summer Rae.

Paige vs. Emma

Emma attacks Paige quickly to take down Paige with a kick to the back, then lifts Paige up while standing on her hair.  To the ropes now as she pulls Paige’s hair to bend her on a rope, getting a two count afterward.  She takes Paige to a corner to stomp her into it, choking her with the boot until she is forced to release.  She then splashes Paige in the corner and gets a two count for it.  Paige finally starts to fight back with kicks and the last few minutes didn’t happen.  Emma is rolled out of a corner after a knee and is taken down by Paige for two.  Emma now fights back as she doesn’t sell much either.  Paige catches her with a fall away slam though.  Divas start to get on the aprons.  Lana gets in with the distraction with a kick to Paige and Emma gets the pin off it.

Winner: Emma

It’s a brawl now on the inside as it is clear that this is where the catfights have gone while the NXT veterans are busy wrestling.  Lana is busy being cheerleader as we suddenly get…

oh no.

Eva Marie is our fifth as the crowd lets her have it with enormous BOOS.  The Total Divas chase them out and she tries to buddy up wiht the others but it doesn’t quite work.  They reluctantly pose in victory.

To the Back with Golddust and R-Truth as Truth states that it is everyone against everyone.  Truth starts to contend they are a team and Golddust argues.  Truth is teary eyed over the fact that the team has to fight each other and uses Golddust’s shirt to blow his nose.  Next is a 6 man tag!


We now get into the video for the induction of Snoop Dogg into the Celebrity Wing.  Again.  Where’s Lemmy?

Stardust is already in the ring, the Miz is out next, showing just how much he is not injured, and finally for this team, Kevin Owens.  Next we have Sin Cara, Sami Zayn (Who is having a busy week), and Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Sin Cara vs. Kevin Owens, The Miz and Stardust

I’m in trouble.

We start with Zayn and The Miz.  Ole chants start us off as they lock up, Zayn getting the advantage before Miz pulls him into an armbar.  Zayn rolls to try to get out but Miz keeps the pressure.  Zayn rolls out finally, getting his own armbar.  Miz gets out and sends him into the ropes, only for Zayn to get an elbow in.  Miz then retreats, tagging in Owens, then Owens quickly tags in Stardust with Zayn immediately taking control.  He takes Stardust back for the tag to Ziggler.  He geta a hold on Stardust, rolling him up for one.  Stardust gets out, slamming Ziggler and celebrating only to be rolled for two.  Mat work from the two leads to another near fall for Ziggler.  Stardust gets up and out of a headlock, pinning Ziggler to the corner and starting to give him kicks.  Slow pace from the heels for this match as Stardust taunts Ziggler, sending him into the ropes before getting kicked by Ziggler, leading him to get out of the ring.  Ziggler superkicks the Miz, Owens dodging the one meant for him as we go to…


Back with a dropkick from Ziggler to Stardust.  Ziggler brings Stardust to tag Sin Cara. HIGH FLYING ACTION around the ring leads to a toss by Sin Cara, Stardust catching him with a shot before going to the top rope for a splash, getting caught by Stardust dropkick.  He makes it to the corner, with Owens making him tag Miz.  Sin Cara mounting offense as we get a CM Punk Chant.  They are really into this one.  Zayn gets tagged in, taking time to look at Owens before he is interuppted by the Miz, getting enough offense in to tag Stardust back in.  Stardust starts with Zayn as the “Cody” chant starts.  Zayn with a suplex, rolling to make the tag to Ziggler.  OFFENSIVE FLURRY leading to a splash and swinging neck breaker to Stardust.  That gets two.  Ziggler goes for the DDT and gets thrown in to a cheap shot from Miz.  More distractions as Miz is tagged in for a limited time, RVD getting a chant before Stardust is tagged back in to retrieve Ziggler from outside.  Constant tags between Miz and Stardust as Owens mainly is watching before he is tagged in for a kick before tagging Stardust back in.  The crowd has been turned down (at least from what it seems) as I can barely make out chants now.  Stardust gets a nearfall and they fight for a tag when suddenly…

COMMERCIAL.  Literally.  No warning.

Ziggler is still your man in peril as Stardust tags in the Miz for a headlock.  “This is Booty” chant.  “New Day Rocks” chant.  Ziggler brought up for a slam before taking off on all three men.  Ziggler wandering to the face’s corner.  Famasser to Miz and they are both out.  Something is thrown into the ring as Ziggler makes the hot tag to Sami Zayn.  Stardust is quickly taken care of as Miz is brought in with the ropes.  Zayn goes for Owens but he bolts.  Flying cross body to both the Miz and Stardust!  Zayn gets Owens with a flying dive to the outside and suddenly Sin Cara is seemingly in.  Sin Cara with another hot tag to Zayn as he goes after the Miz.  Tries for the SCF, but gets rolled up, Two!  Zayn gets SCFd, Miz gets the Zig Zag, Zigger eats the Queens crossbow and Owens finally tags in for Zayn, eating a drop kick when he goes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  He tries to tag out but both team mates leave him hanging!  He yells at them before realizing he is screwed.  Zayn with the tornado DDT!  Helluva Kick!  1-2-3!

Winners: Zayn, Sin Cara, Ziggler

They pitch the Kickoff show on USA Network with Usos vs. Dudleyz and the 10 Diva Tag Match.

The Authority is coming out to the ring…..NEXT.


This Thursday, Ambros Vs. Erick Rowan on Smackdown.


Well, they have kept Reigns to a minimum.  That’s good I suppose.  All of the audience look at them with such hate in their eyes because they could never come close to the Authority.  They just have hopes and dreams that end up not coming true, reality smacking them in the face which is what will happen to Roman Reigns.  Everyone is hoping for New Leadership and New Champions.  But that isn’t going to happen.  They aren’t going anywhere.  HHH with the mic now as he hears the talk about attacking from behind and running away as if it is not strategy and cowardice.  There is a lot at stake here.  Millions of dollars!  You can take your morality and you can shove it.  AAAAAAAnd Roman again.

Did we just rewind the tape?  Seriously?  They meet on the ramp and they start fighting again.  HHH takes control as he keeps attacking the face of Roman as he is selling the nose.  He then pulls HHH into the barracade!  Over the top of it as Steph waves in the League with Stardust and the Miz.  They all hold back Roman.  Dudleyz out as well.  Usos come out to stop them.  New Day and Ziggler.  HUGE Brawl going down!  Exclaimation Points!  HHH comes back into the ring only to be pulled back by the heels.  Reigns standing at the ring with the Usos with Steph at the top of the ramp holding up the title.  HHH charges but is held back as Roman comes out with a dive into the crowd.  HHH runs back to the top of the ramp as Roman stands in the ring again.  Crowd is turned down again as they chant something.  HHH holds up the title as the Authority retreats.  We get a recap of the dive to send us out for the night.



Final Thoughts:

There were some strong points tonight.  They got the Undertaker/Shane spot out of the gate seemingly to make sure everyone saw it before the Roman storyline dotted the rest of the show.  The Six Man Tag was nice as far as storytelling and I loved the Ambrose/Lesnar segment.  Coach coming back was a nice touch and him celebrating with New Day was even better.  Reigns was as protected as he could be to minimize the booing that he would get.  Meanwhile, we see a CLEAR split among the Divas and the Women’s Wrestling divisions as one side seems to be legitimate and the other seems to focus on pulling hair.  For a go-home Raw?  Middle of the Road action with the Shane/Taker segment being top and evening out with the Eva Marie reveal as one of the worst things to happen tonight.

Final Grade: C

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