10 Thoughts on Flaked – Palms

Today we got an emotionally charged, backstory rich episode. Dennis tries to convince Chip to go with him to Palm Springs to visit Dennis’ mother. When London makes it clear she wants to join, it becomes a road trip filled with jealousy and revelations. It was a doozy.

Here are some thoughts.


1. Dennis is hopelessly uncool

We start the episode by seeing him biking in on a tandem bike, and he invites Chip to ride with him. But Chip is a person and has eyes so of course he declines. And when he takes the bike back to the store, who’s there but London, able to see him in all his nerdy glory. Well timed.

2. “You know. Get some sunshine.”

There’s a moment when Dennis is saying he might want a vacation. Chip asks him why. “Oh you know. Get some sunshine.” At that precise moment, the camera catches a lens flare, driving home how sunny it is. It’s a nice little visual joke that isn’t lost on Chip who makes a snide comment. It’s nice to see some visual acuity going on here.

3. Dennis is also a moron

When they come across London in the store, she says she’s always wanted to go to Palm Springs. And that she has the day off. Dennis seems incapable of making the connection. So Chip has to take it upon himself to gather the three together for a little road trip.


4. His mom also explains a lot

Dennis explains along the way that his mother was very sexually open when he was a kid. He’s nervous about visiting her again because she always made him feel uncomfortable. That explains why he has such a hard time with women. It sounds like he didn’t get a solid female role model growing up.

5. Whoa. Chip killed a guy

While everyone is sharing, Chip tells London that he killed a guy when he was drunk a decade prior. I knew there was some darkness to his character, but I didn’t realize it went this deep.

6. Milk bath

The crew decides to go to a day spa. Dennis’ mom insists they go do a “milk bath” together, which I assume is not just bathing in milk. I really hope it’s not that. But they do so naked. While discussing sex. It all feels very weird. I am beginning to understand why Dennis is so fucked up.

7. Hot spring

In a scene that might be the exact polar opposite, Chip and London chill out in the hot spring and dance around the fact that they’re into each other. It was an incredibly well done counterpoint to the previous scene and is one more brick in the foundation that is the inevitable London-Chip hook up.


8. Dennis finally figures it out

On the car ride home, Dennis says he’s giving up on London. Finally. It was clearly never in the cards for him, it’s good he’s figured that out. And while Chip is consoling him, he drops a subtle hint that maybe he’ll be going out with London in the near future.

9. Wild Bill is amazing

Wild Bill is Dennis’ mom’s beau. He is an elderly asian man. He’s incredible. That’s all.

10. Chip takes a big step

At the end of the episode, Chip pours his “kambucha” (which is actually wine) down the sink. It looks like he’s finally getting serious about his alcoholism.




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