Jim Ross Blog: WWE Wrestlemania 32, Roman/HHH, Shane/Undertaker, Diva’s Title has “Lost Some Spark”, Eva Marie Heel Heat or Go-Away Heat


Jim Ross had a new blog following the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw

on Shane/Taker
Shane/Taker content was enjoyable to watch and they gave the audience a hearty sample of what we’re likely to see Sunday night. I still say that these two will exceed expectations in their human demolition derby. I think Taker will win but WWE could throw a curve ball at everyone too. How intriguing would this match have been if Taker was still undefeated at Wrestlemania’s? Today, Taker’s loss to Lesnar means what??

on HHH, Stephanie and Reigns
Loved the spirit that HHH, Stephanie and Reigns had in their scenes together but getting the audience to cheer Roman Reigns isn’t simply going to happen any time soon so why continue to go against the grain? Wth that ‘over statement of the obvious’ being said, it appears to me that WWE/McMahon is sitting ripe and ready to add a ‘swerve’ to the equation Sunday. The setting is perfect for a double turn, etc including Mr McMahon involvement.

on Eva Marie
Does Eva Marie have heel heat or is it actually ‘go away’ heat? Time will tell and I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until she gets a few more chances. If she can execute as a true villain, she has the chance to be special personality. I’m being serious.

on women’s title scenario
The women’s title scenario has lost some spark the past couple of weeks or so it seems. I’m still thinking that the three way, hmm..interesting term, will be excellent if the three women tell a logical story and don’t force their go to move sets into the match. Plus, they need 10-15 minutes bell to bell.

on injuries
This will likely be known as the Wrestlemania that injuries destroyed. Or, should it be known as the Wrestlemania that was laden with injuries and creative wasn’t able to bail them out? Straight up this I know, unless you’ve actually been there to get a bad booking/creative hand dealt to you, its hard to fully understand how many people that one injury, much less three or four injures, has on the product.

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