Lucha Underground S2 E10: El Jefe is Back – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring LU Champion Matanza, Dario Cueto, Ivelisse, Angelico, Sexy Star, Mariposa, Pentagon Jr. & Many More!

Dario Matanza LU S2E9

Hey Believers!  Still recovering from the intense Aztec Warfare II last week?  Too late – it’s time for the first episode after the incredible lucha libre special, which resulted in a surprise return of former Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto.  And his brother – the legendary Matanza Cueto, who entered Aztec Warfare as the 21st Contender and became the new Lucha Underground Champion after suplex after suplex, elimination after elimination, until it came down to him and Rey Mysterio, who also made his series debut.

Cueto LU S2E8

Now that the Cuetos are back with a vengeance, it looks like Catrina, who took over the Temple after Dario’s disappearance, will be stepping down from power, along with former LU Champion Mil Muertes and their Disciples of Death.  Speaking of, perhaps their first step in achieving power – unless they decide to make a deal with the Cuetos – will be taking the LU Tag Team Trios titles back from The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico.

Unlikely Trio LU 2 S2E8

While the match between the Disciples and The Unlikely Trio isn’t a title match (though there’s always the possibility that they could announce it as one anyway; LU is all about great surprises), it’s still an attempt on Catrina, Mil, and the Disciples’ end.  Though perhaps a weak one.  And it sounds like the Disciples won’t get a rematch clause, unless Dario decides to change that Temple rule in his return to power.

Pentagon Mil LU S2E8

But Mil and Catrina have more to worry about, with Pentagon Jr. out for Catrina’s blood.  His alliance with Vampiro is interesting, and it emphasizes the slow descent Mil is traveling now that he’s lost the title. Moreover, Catrina and Pentagon have serious beef, and now Catrina has beef with Vampiro, as we saw her Slap of Death last week after Pentagon attacked Mil Muertes on his way to the ring.  Pentagon Junior is main eventing tonight’s episode, so will he be facing Mil Muertes?  We’ll see.

The short time Mil lost the title and Fenix had his short run seemed to symbolize the other luchadores and luchadoras’ chance to earn it back – but with the Cuetos in the house, do they?  Maybe.  Dario Cueto loves violence – and their only chance to earn the LU Championship is through his deadly vice.

Sexy Star Mariposa LU S2E8

We also have the Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mariposa vs. The Mack and Sexy Star feud continuing tonight.  We’ll get to see the stunningly eerie Mariposa prove herself in the ring against the preservering Sexy Star.  Mack’s alliance with Sexy Star is also interesting, though we still don’t have any indication as to what The Mack gains from their dynamic.  Regardless, I think it would be interesting to see a tag match between the four, if the feud comes to that.

mariposa lu s2e8

The plot thickens, Believers.  It’s almost time for the next episode, but in the meantime, you can check out the live coverage of last week’s Aztec Warfare II special!

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8 P.M.! Here we go!

We get a recap of Sexy Star and The Mack’s alliance, and the appearance of The Moth’s sister, Mariposa. We also get a recap of The Unlikely Trio vs. the Disciples of Death for the Tag Team Trios titles. Vampiro and Pentagon Junior’s alliance. And lastly, Dario Cueto’s return and Matanza’s debut!

We’re in the Temple. Chingon jams out in the balcony! Executive Co-producer Robert Rodriguez is present, of course.

Dario Cueto is in the ring. He feels at home again. This is only the beginning. He wears his key around his neck. He will be starting an all-new Trios Championship competition! Definitely something to be excited for. He also has an idea about his brother’s title run… But Pentagon Junior interrupts!

He dons a gold and silver mask. “Wait one minute, bastard!” He mentions how he wasn’t allowed to compete in Aztec Warfare. Cueto defends Catrina’s decision by saying that perhaps he isn’t champion material. Pentagon attacks Cueto! He’s going to break his arm! Pentagon convinces Cueto to give him a championship match against Matanza tonight! Cero miedo!

We cut to a few minutes later. Time for a…

Tag Team Match: Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie vs. Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro

Valkyrie dons Mundo’s glasses playfully.

The bell rings! Taya and Mundo argue for a sec, but she goes in!

She pushes Castro! Castro strikes Valkyrie. He pins her but she kicks out. She goes for a clothesline! Rollback by Valkyrie to avoid a strike by Castro. Mr. Cisco is tagged in! He goes for the pin but she kicks out! She reverses the moves on Cisco! Taya has control! But Mundo tags himself in! Boos from the crowd.

Ground and pound by Mundo on Cisco! Cover, kick out by Cisco. Mundo picks up Cisco for a takedown! Moonlight Drive by Mundo! Pin but Cisco kicks out! “Give Cisco credit,” says Striker.

Cisco is avoiding Mundo’s moves and needs a tag. He gains momentum after a strike on Mundo! Cisco reaches to tag Castro! Block by Mundo, but some strikes by Castro!

Counters, including avoiding a back body drop. Taya’s in! Basement dropkick by Taya. Vampiro thinks she’s a sadist.

Back elbows by Cortez, a DDT by Taya!  Cisco and Mundo are in! Cisco tosses Mundo out of the ring!  HOLY CRAP, here comes Brian Cage from the balcony!

Mundo escapes from the ring and there are boos from the crowd. Cage looks on as Taya and Cortez face off. Cisco comes in! They dominate Taya!

Pin by Cortez and Cisco! Cage watches.

Winners: Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco

Still to come – The Unlikely Trio vs. Disciples of Death in a Tag Team Trios Championship Match!

We cut to commercial!

Us, too… Us, too…

Some speculation about tonight’s main event…

We’re back!

Promo: Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mariposa
We’re in the lair of Marty “The Moth” Martinez! Buffalo Bill, much? He sits with a book in hand, like a creepy Mister Rogers.

His Aztec Pride is described. The envy of the other Aztec tribes.

His sister, Mariposa, was the secret weapon.

She destroyed anyone who tried to take the Moth Tribe’s gold. She became a legend. We get an action sequence of her. Her skills were passed down for generations, from one Mariposa to another. Today’s Mariposa is stronger than ever. Beware his sister. She will lead the Moth Tribe to rule again.

We cut to another promo.

Promo: Catrina and Dario Cueto
Black Lotus waits outside Dario Cueto’s office. We pan into the Proprietor’s office, and Catrina’s shift into his office with her ghostly powers. She believes Matanza is not the rightful owner of the championship. Sooner or later, death will come to him. But Matanza doesn’t fear death. Cueto reveals that the Disciples are indeed getting a rematch for the Tag Team Trios titles tonight with The Unlikely Trio. Catrina threatens Cueto that the Temple will one day be hers again. She fades.

We cut to commercial.

We’re back, with the music of Chingon! Time for the…

Elimination Tag Team Match: For the Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championships!
The Unlikely Trio of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico (c) vs. Disciples of Death of Barrio Negro, Trece, and El Siniestro de la Muerte

Here we go! Angelico versus Barrio! They create space. They know each other well. Counters! Elbow tie-up. Angelico locks Barrio but flips to counter defense. He reaches the ropes and Trece pathetically reaches for him. More counters. Arm drags. Angelico has Barrio in a headlock. Son of Havoc climbs the turnbuckles. Tag in. Havoc reversals!

Cover by Havoc, quick two-count. Keep workin’, says Vampiro.

Havoc tags in his ex, Ivelisse. Cheers for her from the crowd! She strikes Barrio repeatedly. She reaches for a tag for Angelico. Barrio lifts Ivelisse. He tags in Muerte. But…

Baddest Bitch in the Building goes for the suplex on Muerte! Pin, kick out! Catrina and Ivelisse have a brief cat fight between the ropes. The distraction costs Ivelisse!

Eliminated: Ivelisse

Muerte kicks Son of Havoc. He’s almost out cold. Muerte tags in Trece. Trece throws him into the turnbuckles, then on the ring. He tosses him into the corner once again. Havoc flips out of his grasp! He tags in Angelico!

Clothesline block with Muerte, Trece goes for the strike on Angelico! Angelico recovers, knees Muerte!

He knocks out Barrio while he’s at it. Trece has a hold on Angelico. They exchange reversals. Angelico’s Fall of the Angels! Pin!

Eliminated: Trece

Muerte beats on Angelico. Him and Barrio work together. Muerte has a hold on Angelico from the apron. Angelico kicks Barrio. Angelico and Havoc leap onto Barrio and Muerte from out of the ring! Cheers for Angelico and Havoc from the audience!

Angelico slams Muerte. Fall of the Angels again?! No – Muerte comes out! He attacks Angelico! He’s out!

Eliminated: Angelico

Son of Havoc versus the Disciples! Muerte strikes Havoc. Barrio works with him. Havoc has momentum and pins Muerte! But Barrio breaks it. Catrina holds her Stones to the Heavens and watches.

Muerte and Barrio work. Havoc leaps from the ropes onto them!

He does a moonsault and pins Barrio!

Eliminated: Barrio Negro

Muerte strikes Havoc! They exchange moves. The Badass Biker climbs the turnbuckles but Catrina climbs behind him and upsets his footing!

Ivelisse attacks Catrina!

Havoc flies onto Muerte after he recovers!


Your winners and still your LU Tag Team Trios Champions: The Unlikely Trio!

Catrina suffers and wails from outside the ring as the Trio celebrates in the ring.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back! We’re in Cueto’s office. He’s Kind Of A Big Deal.

Promo: Dario Cueto’s Office
He’s relieved his guest is here… Rey Mysterio! Rey’s here for Dragon Azteca, Jr. His trainee before Aztec Warfare II. He discusses his mentor, a man who came to this Temple but never escaped. He’s dead, and Mysterio is certain Matanza is responsible. Cueto wants Mysterio and Dragon Azteca to compete in the Temple, so long as Mysterio dismisses the death of his friend. They drink to that.

Singles Match: Sexy Star vs. Mariposa

Sexy Star is accompanied by The Mack! Serious boos for The Moth and Mariposa – though you gotta admit, they’re pretty damn interesting. Mariposa removes her moth wings.

Here we go! Sexy is evasive, dodges a clotheline. She escapes the ring but is creeped up by The Moth. Ick.

Mariposa corners Sexy and pounds her. She climbs the turnbuckles while Sexy is down! Moonsault! But Sexy Star dodges! Sexy is on the move. Head scissors. Mariposa came out of it. Mariposa has her! The Moth laughs outside of the ring. Mariposa’s Butterfly Effect leads to a pin!

Winner: Mariposa

Boos for Mariposa’s victory. The Moth and The Mack fight in the ring!

Come on, Mack, do a stunner! Nope – Mack sells The Moth’s punches.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back! Dario Cueto opens the cell door of his brother so they head to the…

Main Event: Lucha Underground Championship Match
“The Monster” Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Pentagon Junior

Cheers for Pentagon as he enters the ring. Lots of boos and mixed cheers as Matanza approaches him, but the Believers cry Cero Miedo as he descends the balcony.

They’re both in the ring and face off. Pentagon pushes the ref. The ref is scared of Matanza.

The bell rings. It’s time.

They create space. Matanza reaches but Pentagon dodges. Again. Lots of tension. More dodging by Pentagon until Matanza upsets him from the back of the head. Pentagon strikes Matanza!

Pentagon dodges a clothesline and does a thrust kick! Pentagon corners Matanza. Goes for the whip. Lungblower!

They take the fight out of the ring! Pentagon rolls out of the way of Matanza, who kicks him while he’s down in front of the front-row Believers. More Cero Miedo cheers!

Matanza throws Pentagon into the empty front row seats.

Matanza drags him out of the wreckage. He pushes him into the balcony gates! Lots of boos for Matanza. Matanza tears some of the mask off of Pentagon!!

They’re back in the ring. Dario Cueto watches. Matanza suplexes Pentagon! Pentagon tries to tell the ref he’s hurt, but the match continues. Matanza gives no f***s. Wrath of the Gods by Matanza! He goes for the pin!

Winner and still your LU Champion: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto!

Vampiro enters the ring! He faces Matanza! Vampiro tells the Believers to call an ambulance, but Matanza kicks him!

Matanza throws Pentagon out of the ring. Striker doesn’t know if they’re still taping. Matanza throws Pentagon into the commentary table! Yup, he’s gone.

A stretcher comes for Pentagon and hopefully for Vampiro as Matanza ascends the balcony into the depths of the Temple.

Good night, Believers! If you want to relive the action, you can check out the episode replay now!

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