Bret Hart on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Divas Title Match – “I think Sasha Banks should win”

bret hart


In an interview with Wrestlezone Radio, Bret Hart gave his thoughts on the current WWE divas division. Here are highlights:

On whether or not he likes the term “Diva”: “The Divas are the Divas. There’s some girls that I agree with you, they’re not Divas. Nattie to me is not a diva even tho she’s on the show and all of that. She’s a really skilled wrestler. There’s certain girls that it’s not about their bodies and stuff like that. Even Charlotte. It’s about the wrestling, the character and the things they do in the ring. The Divas, there are some that are Divas. It’s not about the wrestling. It’s about how they do their make-up and stuff like that.”

On WWE reportedly thinking that Eva Marie was going to get a babyface reaction on RAW when she joined Team Total Divas: “I think it’s just another case of these guys… it’s the whole problem with the people writing these things up. They don’t understand how the fans are going to take things and they keep writing things out that don’t work. It didn’t surprise me at all. I like Eva Marie and I think she’s a girl who is trying. She’s been off for a little while trying to improve her wrestling ability. The fans clearly see her as someone who has no wrestling skill. I think that’s why they boo her. Here she is running out like she’s so important to the match and, in fact, she doesn’t mean anything to the match because she can’t wrestle. That’s why they boo’d her I think.”

On whether or not Charlotte will retain the WWE Divas Championship at WrestleMania 32: “I think Sasha Banks should win. Especially with Snoop there. Something tells me they need to do something to spice up that Divas Championship. I think Charlotte will be a big factor continuing in the months ahead. You want to do stuff that excites the crowd and makes the crowd happy. Having Snoop Dogg there and Sasha Banks being as good as she is. It could be a great opportunity for a WrestleMania moment. Certainly Sasha’s worked hard enough for it. That’s my leaning that it will go that direction. Then again, you’ve got WWE writers calling the shots so maybe they’ll do something stupider.”