Throwback Thursday: WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 Showcase: Jacqueline

Jacqueline DeLois Moore began her career in professional wrestling after she met Skandor Akbar and joined his wrestling school in Dallas, TX. She wrestled in Japan for Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, Ladies Professional Wrestling Association and Women’s Pro Wrestling. In 1991 she joined United States Wrestling Association in Memphis where she was known as Miss Texas. She was valet to Eric Embry and Tom Prichard as part of Team Texas during the Texas v. Tennessee feud. She feuded directly with Dirty White Girl Kim Anthony and battled her in a mudpit match and a Hair v. Hair match. Kim Anthony won and Jacqueline had to have her head shaved.

She would later become the first ever USWA Women’s Champion, the first to win in the tournament for the title in 1992. After her time is USWA she would come to the WWF under the ring name Wynonna, managing Jeff Jarrett. She wasn’t popular and would soon join Smoky Mountain Wrestling under the name Sgt. Rock in Jim Cornette’s Militia before moving on to WCW.

She debuted as Sweet Georgia Brown as the manager of Kevin Sullivan whom she helped by body slamming his opponents. She aided him in his feud with Chris Benoit and Sullivan’s ex-wife, known as Woman. Her alliance with Sullivan ended when she turned on him in Loser Must Retire match. She moved on to manage Harlem Heat before she moved on, returning to WWF.

When she returned to the WWF in 1998 on June 1st she debuted as the on-screen girlfriend of Marc Mero. This lead to her feud with the estranged wife of Mero, Sable. Sable defeated Moore in a bikini contest at Fully Loaded.  Moore and Mero were defeated by Edge and Sable at SummerSlam that year before she won her first WWF Women’s Championship title. Sable would take the title off of her at Survivor Series.

Jacqueline with the WWF Women’s Championship title.

Soon Jacqueline formed Pretty Mean Sisters with Terri Runnels and Ryan Shamrock. (Shamrock’s role was short-lived in this group.) Terri Runnels, recently separated from her husband Goldust, entered the ring with Jacqueline during Raw, in which both their former men (Marc Mero and Goldust) were competing. The women simultaneously low-blowed their former love interests. The group of women were manipulative, Runnels even going so far as to claim she miscarried after D-Lo Brown knocked her from the ring apron. D-Lo became a servant for the women until finding out the truth, starting a feud with the group.

PMS, with “Meat” from left to right, Shamrock, Runnels, “Meat” and Jacqueline.

Shawn Stasiak, going by the name “Meat” became a sort of “love slave” for the women, fighting for them and being at their call whenever they needed him. The storyline was that the women would also use Meat for sexual desires and when Teri, again in storyline, exhausted him sexually for hours on end before matches he would then lose the matches. The group came to an end shortly thereafter.

In 2000 Jacqueline won her second Women’s Championship from “Hervina” (Harvey Wippleman in drag). She would successfully defend the title against Luna Vachon before losing the title to Stephanie McMahon who had help from D-Generation X.

Next she feuded with Ivory who was a part of the Right to Censor team, starred as a trainer on the first ever Tough Enough and feuded with Victoria, Stratus and Jazz. Her appearances decreased overtime however she did win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after then champion, Chavo Guerrero, issued an open challenge. She lost the title back to him in a match in which Chavo had one hand tied behind his back. See Jacqueline’s win as the only woman to hold the title under the WWE re-branded banner here.

I remember watching Jacqueline’s match against Chavo and being annoyed, not only with Chavo’s blatant lack of respect for her as an opponent but the questioning of the announcers. Tazz can be heard saying “She must be bringing someone out here, like a valet…who is she going to bring out here?” Even though it was near the end of her career Jacqueline had one more moment in the spotlight to show that women could be tough and should be taken more seriously in the ring. Instead, WWE had her win by low-blowing Chavo and rolling him up. Still, she’d won a title predominantly held by men. The re-match for this title was sort of like WWE backpedaling on their decision to show her as tough and all it did was make her reign look like a bit of a fluke. I remember wishing she had lost the title in a more serious match.

After her short reign she was soon released from the company and moved on to the independent circuit and TNA.

She was tough while being attractive and she did a good job on the inaugural season of Tough Enough. Jacqueline may not have been as popular as other women in the WWF/WWE but she has definitely earned her place.

What is your favorite Jacqueline moment?


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