10 Thoughts on… TNA Impact on Pop TV 03.29.2016 (Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy, Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky, EC3/Beer Money vs. @MattHardyBrand)


Last week, Impact broke down a bit in the latest series of tapings. Can they get back on track after a rough show last week?


1. Things kicked off as they have often in 2016 with @MattHardyBrand coming to the ring for a promo segment. Mike Bennett joined, and then EC3 turning into a handicap match Matt/Tyrus/Bennett vs. EC3. Matt continues to be good on the mic, and Reby/Maria had a great exchange. Matt claimed that his brand was larger than TNA’s… close?

2. The handicap match broke down, and Beer Money joined, and the match restarted. This was all a bit of a Russo-rific booking mess but the action was decent enough. Despite evening the odds, the heels picked up the win.

3. Gail Kim cut a promo backstage where she created a new #1 contender’s match between Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Didn’t make much sense.

4. Madison vs. Velvet. Could have been worse, I guess. Madison wins and is #1 contender. But so is Jade! And maybe Maria? TNA!


5. Josh and the Pope are shown… but the Pope has something to get off his chest! Yes!!! Commercial Break was worth waiting for a full Pope promo in the ring! Man do I love the Pope. Lashley comes out and demands Pope leave the ring or get hurt. Pope wants a match. Pope attacks!! Lashley fights back and beats down Pope. This is the best thing going in TNA.

6. Eric Young and Bram lost to the Bro Mans after some heel miscommunication. Looks like we’re headed for a breakup! I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but EY might not be long for TNA

7. Backstage, that no good Grado chats with his friend Shera. Al Snow congratulates Grado on being reinstated then BRUTALLY beats them both down. Yes!!!!

8. Back to back wacky segments with former WWE retired mid-carders ends with Gregory Helms coming out with Trevor Lee and calling out Eddie Edwards. He strangely asked him to tag with him and face Beer Money. Snow gave Edwards one week to think about it.

9. Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy in a featured singles bout for the TNA World Title is the main event. Very solid match between the two and Drew is convincing as a champion. The finish first saw Drew, laid out on the STEEEEEEEEEEEEL steps on the floor, get his knees up as Jeff Hardy tried an insane swanton onto the floor. Great spot. Drew dragged Jeff into the ring and hit the Future Shock for the clean pin.


10. The end saw Matt Hardy come down, and then EY and Bram. The end result is Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway for the TNA title and Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young in a steel cage next week on a “Revenge” themed episode. I can’t help but think both matches are forgone conclusions even not having read spoilers.


I guess it was better than last week but it really struck me how much of the current TNA roster is minor league or washed up.

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