Bret Hart Unloads on Hulk Hogan for Racism, Questions Wrestlers in Top Spots for Wrestlemania 32 – “Triple H is the 1000 time World Champion”

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Bret Hart spoke with the Jobbing Out podcast about Hulk Hogan’s Gawker win, his health and more. Some highlights are below:

On Hulk Hogan beating Gawker in court: “He’s coming into a nice little bonus there for being a racist. The real truth of it is those statements that Hogan made, me personally, I was offended by it. I’m a Canadian guy. But for years and years in the States, I was a witness to a lot of American wrestlers, most white, Southern, American wrestlers…that were very racist and used the N-word pretty freely and behind the back of the black wrestlers. I was always offended by it. I think with Hogan, I think it’s a case of him getting caught…they talk that kind of bulls–t, and they don’t look in the mirror and go, ‘You know, I am a racist’ when they are racist. He admitted to being a racist on the video. I think that for all the money in the world, to people all over the world he was hero. I’m sure he had a lot of black wrestling fans that idolized him and worshiped him. When he goes on TV and says, ‘That wasn’t me. That’s not the real me’, I say bulls–t. That was the real you. That’s the real you that I’ve seen, along with countless other wrestlers that are from certain parts of the country that talk in that vernacular and it’s not right. I’m glad he stepped into that mess because he tarnished his reputation and his image forever. I have lots of reasons why I don’t like Hogan. He’s always been a liar. I can’t hardly think of a thing that he’s said in his life that’s been true or honest. He’s a liar. He’s a piece of s–t. He’s a rich piece of s–t now.”

On this year’s Wrestlemania: “A little bit of my issue with Wrestlemania this year is it’s not fair that all the wrestlers who are on the road, doing the work, pulling the wagon, that are traveling every day and away from their families and doing the grunt work are in the lower matches. Brock Lesnar is the main event, and he’s on the road three days a year. Undertaker is on the road three days a year. They can sit at home and train and get ready for these big pay-per-views and make all the money. The Rock, who isn’t even a wrestler, he’s going to get a pay day. He’ll get a pay day more than someone like Dolph Ziggler will make for the whole year. Vince McMahon has his kid wrestling against the Undertaker. Triple H is the 1000 time World Champion. There’s a lot of nepotism right now in wrestling.”

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