WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Sting Talks Retirement Rumors, Importance of Possible Match w/The Undertaker


In an interview with Good Day Fox 4, Sting revealed that he hasn’t actually decided whether or not he wants to retire yet. Here are highlights:

On the retirement rumors: “It’s just talk, that’s all it is. Everybody is talking except for me. TMZ and a lot of people are saying that. I’m undecided. I have a dream match that I want with the Undertaker. If I have my way, it’s going to happen.”

On why the match with Undertaker is so important to him: “It started with the fans. I was always the WCW guy and he was always the WWE guy. Now I’m the WWE guy, and it’s merged and wrestling fans have always wanted to see that.”

Sting received a neck injury in his match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions last year and hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since. He will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame tomorrow night.