Bobby Roode At WWE Hall of Fame 2016 & Wrestlemania 32 After NXT TakeOver: Dallas Debut? Possible Spoilers!

Spoilers for NXT TakeOver: Dallas and possible spoilers for WWE’s Hall of Fame 2016 and Wrestlemania 32.

Booby Roode from TNA to NXT or main WWE Wrestlemania 32

Former TNA Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode debuted during WWE’s Wrestlemania 32 weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Dallas. He was shown in the crowd and remarked on by the NXT commentators with fans excited to see him. I’m loathe to call Bobby Roode’s presence an appearance, but a debut, because clearly he`s signed something with WWE to even have him shown up on camera in their product before their NXT TakeOver: Dallas main event featuring Finn Balor (C) vs. Samoe Joe for the NXT Heavyweight Championship.

WWE went so far as to write up an article on and tweet it out.

To which the “free agent” Bobby Roode responded simply… “Stay tuned…”

The free agent angle is interesting. WWE could conceivably have him do the same thing he did during NXT TakeOver: Dallas at Wrestlemania 32 culminating in a Monday Night Raw appearance where he “chooses” the main roster of WWE instead of NXT.

Will he also make an appearance, as a respected professional, during tonight’s WWE’s Hall of Fame 2016 induction? The 2016 class of WWE’s Hall of Fame are below.


These types of Wrestlemania “scouting” efforts and appearances would fit well with his “free agent” WWE angle.

That said, despite the fact that Bobby Roode is on the older side at 39, I don’t expect him to stay in NXT long if he goes there.

What hurts Roode’s chances of an immediate call-up to the main WWE roster is that fact that several of their injured stars are set to return, most notably John Cena and Randy Orton with guys like Seth Rollins and Cesaro following soon after.

Bobby Roode’s prospects to do change, of course, if the rumoured WWE Brand Extension II comes to pass. More to come on that as it develops.

We’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s great that Bobby Roode is in the WWE! The details of his contract are unknown at this time.

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