Bret Hart on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Intercontinental, United States Title Matches

bret hart

On the latest edition of The Sharpshooter Show, Bret Hart spoke about the WrestleMania 32’s U.S. & IC title matches. Here are the highlights…
On the U.S. Title Match: It’s an interesting one. It’s sort of a David and Goliath type scenario. I think they are trying to make Kalisto in to the new Rey Mysterio if they can. Ryback, hell, he’s big as a tank out there. They’ve gone a long ways in building him as a monster. I am kind of in the middle on this one. I think that logic that will tell you that Ryback is going to win because he is just so much bigger. You look at them on RAW just staring at each other. Kalisto is staring at his belly button. Anyone in their right mind knows that Ryback can just pick him up and squash him like a beer can on the ground. My better judgment tells me it’s going to be an upset and that’s it’s going to be Kalisto pulling off the victory on him. Ryback is going to do the job. That’s the way I see it.

On the IC Title Match: I like to think that Kevin Owens is going to retain it. I don’t know. I don’t see The Miz winning it. I don’t see Dolph Ziggler winning it. I don’t see Zack Ryder winning it. I don’t see Sin Cara winning it at all. Sami Zayn, he might be the guy that can pull it off. I am sticking with Kevin Owens. I think Kevin Owens is going to win it. If there is going to be a second prize or second place it’ll be Sami Zayn. I think in the end it will be Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

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