Which Is The best Nakamura Entrance: Subconscious or The Rising Sun

Let’s be clear here, this is something I post for my own personal amusement and because I, myself, really can’t decide. As you all know by now, Shinsuke Nakamura had made his debut for NXT last night, in an universally acclaimed match against Sami Zayn. At the same time, his new entrance music was unveiled, a theme called The Rising Sun.

Now each long-time Nakamura fan will of course be familiar with the Subconscious entrance theme he used in NJPW, a theme often considered as one of the best wrestling entrance themes in the world.

So, my question to you is, which is bets:

NXT’s The Rising Sun?

Or NJPW’s Subconscious?

Sound off in the comments below and make your favorite known!

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