Former TNA Heavyweight Champions Bobby Roode & Eric Young’s Status For WWE’s Wrestlemania 32? Possible Spoilers!

Possible spoilers for Wrestlemania 32.

Eric Young and Bobby Roode WWE status for Wrestlemania 32

Former TNA Heavyweight Champion has already made his WWE debut at NXT TakeOver: Dallas this Wrestlemania 32 weekend. It is likely he’ll make an appearance at Wrestlemania 32, cultivating his “free agent” angle coined by the NXT TakeOver: Dallas commentators, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Roode’s friend, and another former TNA Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young, is also a “free agent” as it were having left TNA with Roode.

Eric Young has been silent on his twitter account beyond retweeting Bobby Roode news and other tidbits. For example, Booby Roode meeting up backstage with another former TNA Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries who is now with NXT; her also wrestled on the NXT TakeOver: Dallas event.

Bobby Roode backstage at NXT Takeover Dallas with Austin Aries Wrestlemania 32 weekend spoilers

Will he make his Wrestlemania 32 debut and move to the main roster on Monday Night Raw this upcoming week? Or does WWE have no interest in him? Hard to say, but EY has great range and can do any kind of babyface or heel character that the WWE needs.

Bobby Roode in NXT and Eric Young on main WWE roster? What say you?

An interesting note. Both Bobby Roode and Eric Young or both still being advertised to headline House of Hardcore 14 in May 2016.

Details on the House of Hardcore 14 promo code, etc. are below courtesy of EY.

We’ll see if that comes to pass. That said, WWE has been good to recent talent acquisitions in having them meet their indy wrestling obligations provided they are not televised or part of a PPV.

Will Eric Young join former TNA stable mates Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, A.J. Styles and Bobby Roode in WWE?

TNA to WWE Samoa Joe AJ Styles Austin Aries Bobby Roode NXT Wrestlemania 32 final

Happy Wrestlemania 32 everyone!

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